Back pain: symptoms, causes, treatment

Back pain is a common reason for seeking medical attention, according to statistics, up to eighty per cent of older people experience this problem. Pain in the back can be a completely different character, and may arise for various reasons, sometimes they talk about the development of serious diseases.

In some case, the pain in my back is particularly at risk, their occurrence can be triggered by physical fatigue. However, if the pain constantly, sometimes without the identified causes, the nature of it is not like the usual feeling when you strain muscles, be wary. Greater the chance of developing a dangerous disease.

Previously it was thought that most of the diseases of the spine occur exclusively in older age, but at the moment, statistics show that among youth is also not a few people with degenerative diseases of the back. So at any age is important to listen to your own body. do not ignore back pain, especially if they appear often and are so intense that interfere with daily activities.

The causes of back pain

The causes of back pain are many. Most often various diseases of the spine, the nerves of this division. However, in some cases, pain in diseases of other organs can just go in the back, so that it seems that pain's back. In General, there are the following causes of pain in this body part:

The causes of back pain
  1. Low back pain. The disease, which is characterized by loss of elasticity of the intervertebral discs and their destruction, is found in most of the cases. Osteochondrosis can affect different parts of the spine: cervical, thoracic, lumbar. From the site of the damage will depend on the nature and localization of pain.
  2. Different curvature and dysfunction of the spine. The most common is scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and others. In addition, the curvature often provoke the development of other pathologies.
  3. The formation of hernias. These pathologies are usually found on the background of other diseases, such as degenerative disc disease. Hernia changes the correct position of the vertebrae, causing pain and other disorders.
  4. Various inflammatory diseases of the sciatic nerve, the nerve endings in different parts of the spine. Frequent inflammation of the sciatic nerve, sciatica.
  5. Injuries of the spine, destabilization of the vertebrae. Fractures and other injuries are very dangerous for a number of reasons, often with traumatic spine injury occurs in the spinal cord, nerve endings located in various sections of the spinal cord.
  6. In rare cases the pain can be triggered by the formation of tumors near the spine. Various tumors do not occur very often, however, the analysis of the symptoms should not exclude this possibility.
  7. Various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the genitourinary system. In various pathologies of the internal organs of the pain can radiate to the back, and they are usually localized in the lower back, in the lumbar region.

Also cause pain can increased physical activity. However, in this case, pain arises exclusively in the muscles, why it's easy to see, after some time, they are themselves. Note that the constant high load, inadequate physical fitness, can trigger the development of diseases of the back.

On the appearance themselves of diseases of the spine is usually affected by several factors. Most often pain in the back occur in people with low physical activity who spend more time in a sitting position. Sometimes a factor called the wrong food. Unhealthy diet leads to deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system.


It can also happen that the back pain during pregnancy. Pregnancy is an additional load on the spine, back muscles, the body as a whole. Therefore, the higher the fruit weight, the greater the likelihood of pain. Sometimes my back hurts after giving birth, because the process is also accompanied by high loads on the spine and muscles.

For the same reason back pain after epidural anesthesia if its effect is that the muscles and spine start to ache. The pain associated with childbirth, should go through some time, the main thing is to provide the mother comfort and peace of mind. If the pain persist, their nature changes, you should consult a doctor.

Which doctor to consult for back pain

Often without a full examination to establish the cause of pain in the back is impossible, so most people do not know to what doctor to address in the first place. Definitely go to the doctor is necessary in the following case:

Which doctor to consult for back pain
  • pain in the back doesn't go away within a few days;
  • back pain occurs for no apparent reason, abruptly, even in the absence of physical stress;
  • pain accompanied by shortness of breath, breathing problems, palpitations, a rise in temperature, stomach cramps, pain in the right upper quadrant;
  • pain appeared after a trauma, shock, drop;
  • the pain radiates to the arms, legs and other body parts, headache.

To find out why back pain, you should consult a neurologist. If necessary, during the examination, the specialist can refer you to an orthopedic surgeon, and other doctors. For an accurate diagnosis usually requires visual inspection, analysis of complaints, x-rays of the back and other organs if necessary, an MRI or CT scan.

In cases of suspected disease of the gastrointestinal tract will need an ultrasound, a blood test. If there is a possibility that the pain is caused by heart disease, it is necessary to make an electrocardiogram. The list of required diagnostics may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the disease.

Sore kidneys or your back: how to identify the disease the nature of pain

People often ask how to determine the disease the nature of pain. In most cases it causes difficulties, it is necessary to pay attention not only on pain but also on accompanying symptoms. You should also determine what areas experiencing pain.

  1. Strong, nagging pain. Occur when osteohondroze, most often after sleeping, and physical activity, in this case, their location will depend on which section of the spine affected. Most often back pain in the lumbar region, in chest form in the blades, when the neck starts to hurt the neck and head. Osteohondrozy accompanied by a sensation of numbness in the extremities. Such pain can also occur during the formation of hernia, with sciatica in the lumbar region. When you cough back pain in the scapula area, the nature of the pain dull, but strong, diseases of the lungs and heart.
  2. Acute pain. When acute pain occurs after an injury or a long hard day's work, there is a possibility of dislocation of the vertebrae. Acute pain under left shoulder blade in the back can talk about diseases of the heart and the lungs in the lumbar region – diseases of the genitourinary system. In this case, they are accompanied by fever, symptoms of intoxication, disorders of urination.
  3. Aching pain in the muscles. In this case, they can be caused by inflammation or strain of the back muscles. Usually palpation of the affected muscles, you notice that they are dense, hard.
  4. The pain, which gives to the lower limbs. Occurs when inflammation of the sciatic nerve, it is accompanied by a feeling of numbness of the muscles, like "shoots" in the legs, the pelvis, the knees. Usually present only one side of the body.
  5. The pain in some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system, pain can radiate into the back area. In this case, we can note that they are not associated with the spine or muscular tension. Pain in diseases of internal organs do not depend on physical exertion, do not go for a long time.

Important! If sharp pain accompanied by fever, intoxication, there is reason to call an ambulance.

These are the basic varieties of pain and the most common diseases they cause. An accurate diagnosis cannot be determined without a full diagnosis, so you should not start treatment without consulting a doctor especially if the pain is accompanied by other acute symptoms.

What to do if back hurts

First and foremost, you should consult a neurologist and to establish the disease causing the pain. Then begins usually full treatment. In most diseases of the back it is long, complex, involves taking various drugs, physiotherapy, massage and other techniques.

How to get rid of the pain

What to do if back hurts

If there is confidence that the pain is caused by diseases of the back, spine or muscle, there are several methods that can relieve pain. Note, however, that if they are not caused by physical activity, with a serious illness they will come back again. You need to consult a doctor and choose the right treatment. In General to relieve pain in the following ways:

  1. Painkillers. Usually use a tablet for oral administration based on ibyprofena, nimesylida, Diclofenac. In very severe cases may require injections, for example, on the basis of Novocaine, but they should put doctor. On prescription valid hormonal pain ointment. For pain due to muscular overstrain, you can try analgesic cream, for example, Bengey.
  2. Belt for back pain in the lower back. They can be used in osteohondroze and other diseases of the spine, there are more old folk methods, belt-based fur, and more modern products on the basis of technological materials.
  3. Capsicum plaster and other varieties. Not usually shown in inflammatory diseases, therefore, its use should be cautious. Due to the warming effect, get rid of the pain.
  4. Gymnastics. If the pain was caused by physical activity, you can try to gently stretch your tense muscles and spine. Exercises should be done smoothly, careful not to hurt. Gymnastics is also used in osteohondroze.
  5. Folk remedies. To relieve pain you can also use various folk remedies. To help relieve the pain capable compresses based on honey, potatoes, intake of decoctions and infusions of herbs inside: chamomile, sage, mint. When back pain suggest you to use a belt from dog's fur.

Important! In inflammatory diseases of the internal organs to use these techniques impossible.

These funds should help to relieve back pain. However, when they returned after some time, it is necessary to consult a doctor, they can talk about the development of dangerous diseases.