Why back pain in the blades

If a person suddenly begins to feel the pain in the back, between the shoulder blades or between the ribs in the middle, her appearance almost immediately associated with the problems with the spine — nerve roots, ligaments, disorders of the spinal column, intervertebral discs etc. However, it is possible that such symptoms may indicate other diseases of the chest. We can talk about diseases of the respiratory system, heart, stomach, organs of the mediastinum.

back pain

The nature of this pain can be very different: sometimes a person complains that in his circle left or circle right, there is acute burning pain, which rapidly increases or speeds. Sometimes this aching pain that increases with time. It can become chronic, tradens inconvenience for a long time. In chronic forms necessary to establish the diagnosis, as this symptom may be indicative of serious diseases of the chest.

In some cases sore back between shoulder blades only after severe physical exertion or after man had very long time in an uncomfortable position.

It is important to understand that pain and backache between the shoulder blades are not a disease but only a symptom. Therefore, the appearance of such signs it is necessary not to stop their ointments, injections or other means, and try to find out the cause that provoked them.

If the patient refers such complaints to a specialist, he should try to describe these manifestations, detailing features. Important associated symptoms that accompany the discomfort and pain between the shoulder blades: indicate whether there is fever, cough, gives you pain in other bodies, it happens that when you cough it hurts in the chest, etc. If there is pain, it is important and the factors that provoke it. A specialist will be much easier to set the diagnosis and prescribe the necessary research when he would know all the details.

Every person should be aware that if you are delayed to diagnose why it hurts in the lung area and between the shoulder blades, often have to pass a lot of costly studies and later to practice different treatment regimens. Some of them fail, thus damaging the body as a result of side effects.

That is why a person needs to understand what causes may trigger the condition when pressure, aching, numb, bake in the blades, and for what diseases characteristic of this syndrome. This will be discussed in the article below.

The pain associated with pathologies of the vertebral column

the spine

Of course, often the answer to the question why back pain in the blades is that previously there have been injuries, bruises, fractures of the vertebrae. But these reasons are obvious, and their nature is easy to determine. However, there are less clear reasons for pain in the spine near the shoulder blades.

Disc herniation

If you are coughing back pain in the blades or there is pain under load, it could be a herniated.

However, the causes of back pain in the blades with this disease are not so often, because the hernia in the thoracic spine rarely develops because the load on this Department is not as significant as in the cervical and lumbar.

To exclude or confirm this pathology can, after CT or MRI.

Changes that occur in this pathology, due to the fact that the outer part of the intervertebral disc (fibrous ring) is due to strain. At the same time decreases the distance between the vertebrae, and zaselyalsya nerve roots. Fibrous ring cracks, and he acts as the nucleus pulpous.

If the doctor diagnose a hernia, the patient is prescribed taking anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, reflexology. In severe disease surgery is performed.

When herniated of the thoracic spine is usually only hurts in one spot. Sometimes the pain irradiate and felt in the breast that resembles the symptoms of diseases of the heart or lungs.

If a long time intervertebral hernia is not treated, likely to develop curvature of the spine, disorders of functions of pelvic organs, paraparesis' leg chronic pain syndrome.

Intercostal neuralgia

In this disease generally, the pain develops in one side of the chest. However, sometimes a person complains that he aches under the shoulder blade on the left or on the other side. The causes of this phenomenon associated with the compression of the nerve roots in the thoracic spine that occurs with hypothermia, severe stress, trauma, osteochondrosis of the thoracic, infections.

Pain under shoulder blade left rear or right is enhanced when coughing, with pressure, it can occur both during the night and day. If a person constantly feel cold back, the causes of this phenomenon are connected with costarum neuralgia.

This condition is often mistaken for manifestations of degenerative disc disease or scoliosis. Therefore, it is very important that the diagnosis was done by a qualified technician.



If there is severe hypothermia, a person ill with SARS or influenza, the injury has occurred or has been overstretched back muscles, probably the development of myositis – an inflammatory process in muscle tissue. This condition can be acute or chronic. This pain is possible both in the upper spine and below.

Usually, back aches, and unpleasant sensations become stronger when the person moves, is subjected to physical exertion. In myositis, apply a hot, pain ointment. But the body is condition is not dangerous.


If you analyze the statistics, it appears that scoliosis affects about half of people. It can be various degrees of development of the disease, the twisting or curvature of the spine. Most commonly affects the thoracic spine in combination with lumbar or cervical. In scoliosis the shape of the thorax. Can appear pain between the shoulder blades. But often there is a feeling that hurts the shoulder blade to the right or left. It happens that such feelings bother you constantly, but often the pain occurs periodically due to severe stress or after the person was in the same position – standing or sitting – too long. For scoliosis characteristic and fatigue of the back muscles.

Causes of scoliosis can be very different. This disease often develops on the background of congenital abnormalities of bones and ligaments. It can also be the consequence of acquired abnormalities that are associated with strong physical exercise, sedentary work. If we are talking about school children, scoliosis can be associated with sitting at a Desk.

If the person is in pain right in the back under the shoulder blade or the same feeling in other areas of the back, it is important to consult a doctor and make lateral and frontal x-rays. Because in the early stages of disease that the back is curved, can be barely noticeable. However, if the disease progresses, the curvature becomes noticeable, if you look at the spine from behind. The arms and shoulders can be at different heights, and it is often noticeable visually.

Scoliosis treatment is long and intensive. Most effective in this case, wearing a corset, regular massage and special gymnastics.

pain between the shoulder blades


Often the answer to the question of why pain between shoulder blades back, there is a common problem – low back pain. As the initial stage of degenerative disc disease currently is very often seen even in school children, it must be recognized that low back pain is a very serious problem for people in different age categories.

Osteochondrosis can affect the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Severe pain is reflected in the hotel which amazed. When cervical osteochondrosis – in the upper part, the causes of back pain between the shoulder blades can be associated with lesions of the thoracic, lumbar — pain appear at the bottom.

Many people have back pain between the shoulder blades due to degenerative disc disease due to a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, degenerative changes in the spine occur in people at a young age.

Around the affected vertebrae in the tissues that surround them, developing an inflammatory process, and as a result a person has a sore spine between the shoulder blades and pain in the spine left and right. Pain in the spine between the shoulder blades osteochondrosis is also due to pinched nerve roots.

Osteochondrosis patients concerned about these symptoms:

  • constantly pain spine middle of the back or other places, sometimes a pain in vertebrae when pressing;
  • sneezing, sudden changes of position, coughing in osteochondrosis of the thoracic causes pain;
  • when a person straightens his shoulders, felt the crunch between the shoulder blades or crunches chest;
  • concerned about the chest pain, like between the chest in the middle "number is";
  • since the reduced mobility of the ribs, it's hard to take a deep breath, and so he begins to "breathe with the stomach";
  • there is a weakness, restricted movement in the hands, perhaps a tingling or numb sensation in the upper extremities.

Treatment of pain in the spine middle of the back associated with osteochondrosis, is carried out by use of conservative methods — the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, physical therapy, therapeutic exercises, massage, manual therapy, stretching of the spine, reflexology. When all treatments are ineffective, the patient shows a surgical intervention.

Diseases of internal organs

Not always cause burning sensation between the shoulder blades are directly linked to pathologies that develop in the spine. Pain, burning sensation in the back, in the blades can accompany a number of diseases of the digestive tract, heart, gallbladder, and pancreas. Pain in the chest and in the shoulder blade can be due to cancer.

Diseases of vessels and heart

internal organs

Causes of pain in the lungs and between the shoulder blades and are sometimes associated with heart disease. This symptom may indicate angina, myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease. If causes of pain in the thoracic spine associated with angina, it usually does not continue more than five minutes. After administration of nitroglycerin pain subside. But if the pain is severe and lasts more than five minutes, and dramatically decreases blood pressure, acts cold sweat, pale skin, this may indicate a serious condition. In this case you need to quickly call an ambulance.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Sometimes, when a person is ill or bake back the reasons of this phenomenon may be associated with gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis. With the development of these diseases can ache in his chest and back, and front. Such feelings can disturb and oncological processes of the pancreas, of the stomach.

Diseases of the respiratory system

Symptoms such as pain when breathing in back and chest, which is accompanied by increased body temperature and coughing may indicate lung pathology. Pleurisy or pneumonia, which can be a pain with a deep breath right or pain in the lungs when you inhale from behind, after developing hypothermia, influenza or SARS. Very serious condition is an atypical form of pneumonia, when the inflammatory process in the lungs cause chlamydia or Mycoplasma. In this form of pneumonia the temperature rises only to the low-gradu indicators. But always manifest pain in the chest with a deep breath the left or pain in the chest when breathing to the right. If one understands that it hurts to breathe, because when breathing, especially deep, there are always the unpleasant sensation of pain, you will undergo a study to assess the condition of the lungs.

The main criterion to distinguish lung disease from other diseases is the presence of cough and elevated, albeit slightly, the body temperature.

Other diseases

Pain between the shoulder blades can bother and other reasons:

  • osteoporosis with vertebral body fractures, which can occur due to a sharp decline in the number of estrogens in the period of menopause or prolonged use of steroid hormones;
  • fractures due to heavy loads;
  • metastases to the vertebrae in stomach cancer;
  • Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylitis) is a systemic disease that most often affects men, and which is characterized by defeat of the vertebrae on the background of inflammation and ossification of ligaments, therefore, the spine becomes inflexible.

Therefore, if for a certain period of human pain, discomfort between the shoulder blades, it is better not to delay treatment to the doctor, not to miss the development of serious diseases.