Pain in the back, in the blades

People associate pain in the back, in the blades with a spine condition. But the pain in the upper back sometimes caused due to heart diseases, vascular and respiratory systems, and epigastric pain. The pain is deceptive, localized in a single place, such as in the breast, and can give an irradiation in the back, because people think that pain in the spine. Listening to the sensations, knowing the character of the pain, possible symptoms, you can try to distinguish between disease of the spine and mediastinum. You need to know which disorders give pain in the back.

Pain in the back, in the blades


Back pain between the shoulder blades character is:

  • Acute form – is growing, becoming strong with the time goes fairly quickly;
  • Chronic – aching, worried for a long time does not stop until action is taken to eliminate.

Pain can occur after sports, or when the person is in a forced position, for example, sleep without a pillow. Pain of any nature: severe pain, aching, dull pain between the shoulder blades is not a disease but a symptom of any disease. Therefore, before beginning any treatment, it is recommended to know the causes of back pain between the shoulder blades.

No need to run for pills, first you have to visit a doctor. The specialist will evaluate the nature of pain, establish the diagnosis and will help to answer the question of why back pain between the shoulder blades. You should not stop there on spinal injuries, because if the person fell, then the cause of pain in the spine between the shoulder blades, clear. But if the patient complains of pain of unknown etiology, then the disease, the doctor will connect with the intervertebral column.


Herniated rarely localized in the thoracic spine. This segment of the spine does not carry much load. But still sometimes aches in the spine between the shoulder blades for this reason. To exclude this possibility should consult a neurologist and do your research – CT and MRI.

With hernias there is a process of pathology between the vertebrae – part of the disc bulges out and there is a pinched nerve.

Drive crack, the core of which is the shock absorber into it, since the burden is distributed now incorrectly and nerves of the disadvantaged, there is pain in the back, in the blades. If the evaluation finds this pathology, it will be to treat non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The doctor will prescribe exercise therapy, physiotherapy activities. If the hernia is large and not cure, is surgery indicated.

The hallmark pain associated with a hernia, severe pain are one and the same place radiating to the chest, like colitis heart. If treatment will not be carried out over a period of time, the warping occurs, the cut of the legs, is an imbalance in the pelvis. Besides, the patient was plagued by constant chronic pain in the back between the shoulder blades.

Hypothermia of the spinal muscles and stress

You can often hear that the patient was "cross". This is a symptom or pathological condition and not a disease. But if the "cross" to happen, it talks about the risk of the development of osteochondrosis, scoliosis, hernia. Such pain in the back near the shoulder blades feel people who work without changing the position of the body for several hours every day.

Risk group members of the professions: employees of the office, dressmaker, dentists, chauffeurs, surgeons. Work associated with the forced pose, combined with the exposure – drafts or air conditioning, gives the reaction on the muscles and the spine, have pain in the spine. Treatment non-steroidal drugs, ointments, massage. People that experience such condition, shows preventive measures:

  • Regular massage;
  • Yoga or physical therapy;
  • Eliminate overcooling and drafts;
  • Often to walk.

Using prevention techniques, you can avoid unpleasant symptoms associated with lumbago.


Scoliosis is a disease very common. Statistics say that 60% of a hundred people suffer from this disease. Thoracic involved in scoliosis more often. Causes of scoliosis:

  • Pathology congenital nature associated with the development of the skeletal system, ligaments;
  • Sedentary work;
  • Injury, if the load on the back was.

Scoliosis sore back between the shoulder blades, starts to bend the spine. The initial stage is almost invisible, but if the disease progresses, the twisting of the vertebrae clearly visible. Back when this disease gets tired quickly, by visual inspection of the patient are at different levels.

back pain in scoliosis

Localized pain between the shoulder blades on the back and give the sternum. The nature of constant pain, like an ache, but if there is physical exertion, the pain is strong, sharp.

Treatment of disease is long. Correct the scoliosis traction of the vertebrae with a special corset, which is worn on the back. A doctor prescribes massage and physical therapy. To reduce the pain in the back, between the shoulder blades will help analgesics, anti-inflammatory therapy.


Now low back pain find even in children who have not reached puberty. And recently it was believed that the disease the elderly.

In any case, the cause of osteoarthritis is stiffness. Change occurs joints of the spine, namely, degeneration. During this process the inflammation begins, and zaselyalsya nerves of the spinal disc. That's why back pain in the blades of osteochondrosis.

Pain is felt in nature – aching, sneezing, standing up too quickly or when the cough becomes very strong.

Patients can not move, difficult breathing, the weakness in the upper extremities, numbness and inability to move. Osteochondrosis prescribe intramuscular, oral remedies anti-inflammatory action, and ointments distracting character, analgesic, warming up for the portion of the patient special exercises. For the prevention of disease – activity and sport.

Symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.

The cause of intercostal neuralgia is the occurrence of pressure on the nerve roots of the thoracic. The perpetrators of this state – injuries, infectious diseases, low back pain, strain on the back. Neuralgia is rarely pain spine between the shoulder blades, often hurts one side of the sternum between the ribs, but in some cases it may ache in the shoulder blades and whining. The symptom of pain increases, if you click the hand on the sternum.

The treatment: physical therapy, acupuncture, b vitamins, they are able to restore nerve structures. If the disease is acute, then put novocaine blockade, prescribed sedatives and distractions ointment.

Symptoms of myositis muscle

Is the myositis for colds, strains of the spinal muscles, injuries, hypothermia. Inflammation of the muscles occurs in the acute period and chronically. To ache able in various departments and in the spine between the shoulder blades can also hurt the lower back. What can I do about myositis? Help ointment pain assignment and warm-up.

Manifestations of spondylosis

For the manifestations of the disease are similar to osteoarthritis, where the pain in the spine between the shoulder blades is chronic, the stress on the back increases. Blades ache, when the acute illness. A distinctive feature of spondylosis will be the destruction of the cartilage of the vertebrae, where the cartilage is replaced by bone. In diagnosis, x-ray or MRI observed these changes and if we consider the affected vertebra, then it will show bony prominences.

Treatment prescribed complex. First remove the pains – it can be analgesics, non-steroidal drugs, novocaine blockade.

Appointed electrophoresis and magnetotherapy, laser, currents. Physiotherapy in this disease a lot, so this choice will give the doctor. On sites where there is inflammation of the impact shock, resulting in reduced spasms, produces endorphins, which serves as a means to relieve pain. A back massage relaxes, eliminates pain.

Symptoms of spondylosis

A special massage is shown in diseases that are associated with the spine, but it cannot be applied in the period of exacerbation, then any impact on the vertebrae is contraindicated. The same rule applies to acupuncture.

The main method of treatment and prevention in diseases of the spine is for therapeutic exercises – therapeutic exercises, exercises on the bar, namely, exercises for slimmer. Very well established sail, so it would be good to go to the pool. All of these methods should be under the guidance of experienced professionals, then the benefits will be likely.

Pain of internal organs

If you are having back pain between the shoulder blades, it does not mean that the reason lies in the spine. All the pathology of the organs that are located in the mediastinum are the symptoms where is the pain in the blades. The incorrect processes of the heart on the occurrence of myocardial infarction, angina cause pain under the shoulder blade. An attack of acute type accompanied by a decrease in blood pressure. Definitely need to call an ambulance.

Characteristic for these pain conditions – acute, but their duration of about 5 min the Pain is relieved by taking nitroglycerin.

Ulcer and pancreatitis, as well back pain in the blades, but in these diseases the pain may be localized in the stomach, the epigastric region and dyspepsia occur, so you need to carefully listen to the character of their feelings and try to differentiate all the symptoms.

If back pain in the blades and a cough, it is possible that the pathological changes of the respiratory system – pneumonia. In diseases of the respiratory fever, pain between the shoulder blades will be stronger with a deep breath. Be ill with pleurisy, pneumonia any person who had the flu or a cold. If the pain and no fever, they are not accompanied by cardiovascular manifestations, cough, and dyspeptic disorders.

How to ease the pain

Before the arrival of the doctor to try to alleviate their condition. You can do self-massage and specific exercises for pain relief:

  1. The fingers put on the shoulders begin to rotate the elbows;
  2. Hands pick up, closing his palm over the head. The head is lowered. Twisting the torso to the right and left side;
  3. Sitting on a chair, lower the head so that the chin touches the chest, on the back of the head to put intermeshing fingers. Slowly press your hands on the back of the head. When there is severe pain, the exercise is terminated;
  4. Slow rotation of the head to the side, backward, sideward, forward;
  5. His right hand behind his head, sitting down to do a slow tilt to the left. Changed hands and bend in the opposite direction.
How to ease the pain

It is worth Recalling that during the acute form of any of the disease massage is contraindicated. Hands clenched in a fist, the thumb not. Starting from the waist and circular motion of the fist on the skin go up. You can do motion, circular stroking of the spine, the second and third finger. It is important not to put pressure on the place where the pain is localized. If the massage movements the pain only gets worse, the procedure should be stopped.

To home way to relieve pain include the application of ointments and gels. You need to remember that these events are just to reduce pain but not for treatment. Real therapy must be prescribed by a doctor, so if it is a temporary improvement, it does not mean that the disease has receded. Please the doctor and be healthy.