Back pain during pregnancy: norm and pathology, treatment and prevention

Pregnancy, no matter how desirable it may be, serves as the body's strong stress factor and has a huge load. Between this load and the body's ability to resist keeping a fragile equilibrium. Its violation leads to the development of various pathological conditions, for example, the emergence of back pain in pregnancy.

back pain-during-pregnancy

Complaints of discomfort in the back is one of the most common problems that expectant mothers consult a doctor. Especially in the later stages of pregnancy.

The causes of back pain during pregnancy

As a rule, the question of why pregnancy back pain, there is no one answer.

Discomfort caused not one, but several factors:

  • the crippling effect gradually enlarged pregnant uterus;
  • the displacement of the center of gravity;
  • the weight gain of a pregnant woman.

By itself, the uterus is a small cavity structure surrounded by other bodies. Therefore, any increase of its size will cause mechanical pressure on neighboring organs, including the musculoskeletal system.

The individual parts of the skeleton represent a fixed entity (e.g., bones of the pelvis), which are compressed by the pregnant uterus, causing pain in the back and waist.

A pregnant woman, again because of the growing uterus, there is a change in the normal center of gravity. As a result, lower back and spine affects a significant burden. There is a hypertonicity of the muscles of the back may be pinching the nerve processes, which leads to pain.

In addition to the uterus, the load on the spine may also have increased weight gain in pregnancy, resulting in the increase of food, various hormonal shifts. The mechanism of pain for this reason, all the same.

Back pain in pregnant women can be caused not only physiological changes, but also a number of pathological conditions, which we will discuss next.

It is also interesting that the occurrence of pain is absolutely not crucial timing of gestation. Often back pain and lower back develop in the later stages. But in the early stages of pregnancy back pain are not uncommon.

Features pain

Range of pain in the back during pregnancy wide. It can be as aching pain in the lower back, the coccyx, and a kind of "muscular" pain in the back. Also for different stages of pregnancy is characterized by a type of back pain.

In the early stages most women will feel pain, localized low back maybe aching. They are similar in character to the pain that occur during menstruation.

The cause of pain lies again in the increasing volume of the uterus, which presses on the bladder and intestines. As a result, there are typical complaints.

Late-term women describe constant pain localized in the lower back and back muscles, back pain in pregnant at 25 weeks. The reason is just change the center of gravity and overloading the lumbar muscles. In addition, the pain may disappear when taking a pregnant horizontal position or otherwise reducing the load on the spine.

If pain is the norm?

Can during pregnancy is to hurt back by itself? No, the presence of any pain syndrome is not the norm. His appearance in pregnant women requires close attention and find the cause. Prolonged back pain in pregnant women can lead to sleep disturbance, insomnia, which can affect pregnancy and even permit birth.

my back

In addition, back pain result in limitation of a pregnant woman and violation of her lifestyle. This can trigger the development of stress, psycho-emotional disturbance and the formation of postpartum depression.

There are also a number of pathological conditions during pregnancy, in which the presence of pain in the back and lower back can serve as a "troubling sign".

When you need to sound the alarm?

Such "terrible" conditions are: the risk of miscarriage or the miscarriage. Back pain in this case is specific: pulling and aching pain, localized in the lower back. Some of the women describes the sensation: "when menstruation like pain" or "pain and struggles".

This type of pain indicates possible activation of uterine contractility. Premature activity in early pregnancy can cause miscarriage, and late premature birth.

If so back pain since 36 weeks, and especially in the 39-40 week of pregnancy, must inform the obstetrician.

In addition, there are a number of conditions unrelated to the pregnancy, but are accompanied by different pain symptoms in the back. A combination of any of these conditions and of pregnancy, especially late on its timing, can cause various complications during the birth process, threats to the life and health of the fetus and the mother.

Such conditions include:

  • Of kidney disease. Among them especially dangerous for a pregnant woman are pyelo-and glomerulonephritis. The combination of these diseases with pregnancy can lead to the development of pre - eclampsia.
  • Pancreatitis.
  • Osteochondrosis, herniated disc, radiculitis.

How to get rid of back pain

The treatment of back pain during pregnancy consists of various techniques. The drug effects usually are widely used during pregnancy maximum requires medical supervision and should be significantly limited. This is due to the fact that some pain medications can have a negative impact on the fetus.

Therefore, if a woman has sore back during pregnancy and she doesn't know what to do, first and foremost, you need to "unload" the spine, decrease the load level.


Typically, this method is wearing special bandages to support the abdomen. There is also a special back massage designed for pregnant women. Its application relaxes the back muscles and can reduce pain.

However, if back pain is not associated with pregnancy and with pathology of other organs, further treatment requires a more serious approach, and medical supervision and, as a rule, conditions of the pathology of pregnancy.


Prevention of back pain in pregnant women is the appointment of therapeutic physical training, gymnastics or yoga for expectant mothers. This improves the body's ability to resist physical stress, which turns out to be pregnancy.

Yoga also helps the woman develop the right type of breathing that can then be used during the generative process.

In addition to the dosed therapeutic exercise, pregnant also needs to are the following recommendations:

  • refusal to wear during pregnancy of high heel shoes;
  • exception of heavy lifting or excessive physical activity;
  • the use of a special orthopedic mattress that reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system of the pregnant woman;
  • periodic change of body position;
  • controlling body mass, decrease excess weight.

Syndrome the occurrence of back pain during pregnancy can be caused by increase of the uterus and the load on the spine and a number of more serious conditions.

So if during pregnancy suddenly fell ill the lower back, there was pulling and cramping pain or sharp "colicky" pain, requires urgent consultation of the doctor to prevent the threat of miscarriage or comorbidity pregnant.