Back pain in the lumbar region

Pain in the lumbar region

Pain in the lumbar region — a common enough phenomenon, so many who have experienced such pain, the question arises why back pain in the lumbar region?

This is our payback for the ability to walk on two legs. Back pain, especially in its lower part, may arise due to the fact that the spine load is distributed unevenly, most of it falls on the lower division.

Why is a sore lower back

Pain phenomena should be divided into primary and secondary. Diseases are the primary cause of the pathological changes of degenerative or functional origin in the spinal column, which consists of not only hard tissues but also of elastic muscle tissue that contains nerve fibers.

Causes of secondary pain be mechanical damage, infection or cancer, pathological changes in the organs of the peritoneum. And women and male representatives of the lumbar pain can cause inflammation or the formation of tumors in the organs of the urogenital system.

Nearly 85% of the pain triggered by pinching of nerve fibres in low back pain.

In addition, there are a large number of diseases that lead to pain phenomena in the lower back. These diseases are either congenital or acquired. An overwhelming number of cases of disease can be attributed to lack of exercise, constant prolonged stay in one position, and received injuries of the spine.

If you regularly and sore aching back in the lumbar region, people do not immediately turn to medical care. But the kind of pain that tends to accumulate. It is only when these symptoms begin to pursue constantly, and the intensity is growing, people are thinking about treatment.

The least likely to develop conditions when back pain, people who lead an active lifestyle and doing any kind of exercise. The rest, the periodic change of position during work at a table, and periodic physical activity help to prevent the development of osteochondrosis and other pathological phenomena.

The causes of lumbar pain

The causes of lumbar pain

If the back hurts, the explanation may be different:

  • involuntary twitching of muscles that support the spine, as once arose, and the regular;
  • pathological processes in the intervertebral discs, which lead to the compression of the roots of nerve fibers;
  • degenerative processes in the hard tissues;
  • narrowing of the spinal canal;
  • destructive lesions of the cartilage (arthritis) in the joints of the lumbar;
  • deformation of the spine;
  • ankylosing spondylitis.


Osteochondrosis is called a complex of degenerative changes in the cartilaginous tissues of the vertebral joints. Most often we are talking about the defeat of the intervertebral discs.

Low back pain is almost always accompanied by deformation of the lumbar region of the spine. Curvature may occur in the hand, forward and backward. If the collapsing of the intervertebral disc or its fragments have the action on the spinal canal, disturbances occur in the organs of the pelvis.

May experience difficulty emptying your bladder or bowel, loss of sensation, organs of the reproductive system in men and women.


Sciatica is caused by a dysfunction of the sciatic nerve, is a complex that combines various neurological symptoms. The pain will vary depending on the type of lesion. Can be felt backache, burning pain, stabbing or numbness.

Sometimes the patient so much back pain in the lumbar region that it is impossible to move at all, the pain prevented sleep, man cannot find rest. If the pain arose from the this reason treatment should be immediately to stop the seizure.

For this purpose, analgesic drugs, as well as specific techniques that are used by physicians in order to stretch the spine.


Lumbago — this so-called lumbago, sudden severe pain triggered by overloading of the muscles. With significant disposable or long-lasting stress muscles heat up and then cooling down as the result can be a sudden attack of pain in the lower back.

Such an attack may warn of incipient pathological process in one of the intervertebral discs of the lumbar spine. The pain symptoms are accompanied with lumbago feeling a strong tension in the muscles. During the attack the person is very back pain in the lumbar region, it is in one position, often unnatural, and any attempt to change it causes severe pain.

Lumbago can last for a short time, and may not stop for hours, and stop as suddenly as it had begun.

And sciatica, lumbago and arise periodically repeated, so you need to determine which types of loads or posture can cause them. Pain with such pathologies, usually radiating to the back of the thigh, and when you try to change the situation intensify. The treatment of these pathologies should be undertaken by set of activities.

Kidney disease

Lumbar pain is a characteristic symptom of pathological processes in the kidneys. Some of them provoke a rapid increase of the renal capsule due to edema or inflammation. That's when diseases that cause rapid increase in such pain and are. The pain may radiate to the region of the peritoneum.

Why there may be soreness in the lower back

Back pain happen when people too much time to spend, taking a sitting position (at work, at home in front of the TV or computer, in the car). On the other hand, activities associated with increased physical labor, permanent stay on his feet, can also trigger pain in the lower back.

Fanaticism during exercise in the gym, motivated by a desire to quickly get in shape, especially the frequently observed in women, sometimes leads to various pathologies of the joints, bones and muscles of the spine or injuries that bring pain.

Pain in the lower back sometimes occur due to the increased load on it. In direct circulation load is distributed so that most of it falls on the lower part, in the lumbar region.

If the person is overweight, this increases load times and can cause pain in the back. In women, pain may be felt during pregnancy and in the period after menopause, when developing the disease, which can lead to increased brittleness of the bones.

Treatment lower back pain

Why there may be soreness in the lower back

If a person has back pain in the lumbar region than to treat this condition?

If the patient has constant back pain, especially very concerned about the lower back, the treatment should be carried out consistently and systematically. Acute pain, of course, you need to stop with the help of medications.

However, once pain is removed, treatment should continue: to actively engage in physiotherapy to undergo physiotherapy to hold one or more massage courses. You can also consult about non-conventional therapies: acupuncture, manual therapy, acupuncture, folk recipes compresses and rubbing.

The attending physician will advise you which is the best method to apply in a particular case.

Aid for back pain

If the pain of pursuing regularly or very sick and twisted so that not to stretch, seek medical assistance in any case have. Only a specialist knows exactly what to do for various diseases.

To the doctor or an ambulance can take pain relievers that are in the home medicine Cabinet.

You can also use the funds for a local application: ointments or gels, special tape.

These funds should not have the effect of heating. To use external means warms actions is possible only in remission. If you have severe pain, this remedy will increase the blood flow to the affected area, this causes swelling, and therefore pain. No need to try to relieve the pain, while drinking alcohol, it is difficult to determine the diagnosis and further work physicians.

Conservative treatment

Medication for back pain are aimed primarily at the suppression of painful attacks.

Medical treatment for back pain

To do this, use analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs in various dosage forms.

Medications to alleviate pain may be administered to the patient orally, intramuscularly, intravenously or directly on the injured area. Also apply gels and ointments with heating, are applied to the area where pain is felt.

However, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs can stop the pain, but not eliminate the factors.

To eliminate spasmodic processes used drugs-muscle relaxants. To improve the supply of tissues of the spine and normalization of metabolic processes at the cellular level used antiplatelet agents. In order to relieve neurological symptoms shows the use of vitamins of group B.

Physiotherapy methods necessarily used in the treatment of pathological processes in the various components of the spinal column and restoring their functionality. Use such methods as iontophoresis, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, wraps and of an application with the use of different active substances, with heating and balneological treatments.

The doctor will prescribe the necessary physical therapy, how to treat a specific disease, you need different suitable ways.

The methods of conservative treatment may also include therapeutic exercise. To perform the exercises needed in periods of remission, with a sharp pain it is impossible. You need to engage regularly, ideally daily. A set of exercises may choose the doctor or the instructor on LFK.

The empirical method is necessary to determine which exercises do not cause discomfort in the lumbar region. If any movement causes pain, they are best avoided.

Massage can help to get rid of a number of problems with his back. Importantly, it engaged a specialist who has medical education. Massage techniques have beneficial effects on blood flow to the affected areas helps to more rapid excretion of toxic substances, contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes.

Conduct massage sessions should, in the period when the pain is not worried.

Unconventional methods

Unconventional methods

Acupuncture and chiropractic can greatly facilitate the human condition, if he got to the lumbar back. These techniques were developed in ancient times, and is able to exert a beneficial effect on health, but use these methods of alternative actions is possible only with the permission of the attending physician. Conduct needs only a specialist who has a diploma.

If back pain occur on a regular basis, you can resort to traditional methods of symptom relief. Before using any prescriptions, ask your doctor for advice. Many natural remedies have a strong effect, and can not only help, but to harm.

To decrease the pain will help the rubbing. You need to prepare a mixture from any Cologne or pure alcohol, bottles of 5% solution of iodine, tincture of Valerian root and a small amount of hot pepper. With the mixture RUB the sore area, and then heat wrap. The procedure is best done before bedtime, and leave the heat on all night.

Recipes of traditional medicine, there is a huge amount. Back ache in people always, and today low back pain occurs in almost everyone who crossed thirties.

Lower back pain is not so much a disease as a symptom that indicates it. It is important not to run disease, and to be surveyed and undergo treatment, adhering to all recommendations of experts.