Why is a sore lower back and how to get rid of pain in the lumbar region?

The loin is called back from the bottom of the chest to the coccyx. Lower back pain is very common. According to statistics, from time to time pain in the lumbar region are experiencing about 90% of people. Sometimes the cause of the pain is strain – for example, after a too intense training or after a long stay in an uncomfortable position. But in some cases it indicates serious disorders in the body.

On the lower back has a very large load. In the lying position, the intervertebral discs are under pressure of 50 kg in a standing position — 100 kg, in the sitting position with straight back without support 150 kg, and if the person is sitting and hunched — 220 kg. the Intervertebral discs in this region are particularly vulnerable and wear out faster than other parts of the spine. So if any unpleasant sensations in the lower back, you should immediately seek the advice of a doctor to avoid more serious problems with the spine.

lower back pain

Common causes of back pain

If you have a sore lower back, it does not mean that the reason lies in the spine. Lower back pain can be the result of diseases of internal organs, especially the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes the pain can be felt in diseases of the kidneys and reproductive organs, many women have a sore lower back during menstruation.

However, the most common cause of lower back pain is a variety of diseases and injuries of the spine and back muscles.

Especially often it is caused by osteochondrosis at which the intervertebral discs lose their elasticity and durability.

Sharp sudden lower back pain can be a symptom of a herniated disc or sciatica. In these cases, the pain gets worse when deep breathing and active movement.

Quite often pain in the lumbar region occur in people suffering from displacement of intervertebral disc, scoliosis which is a curvature of the spine, as well as some other growing pains.

Various inflammations, such as rheumatoid arthritis and Reiter's syndrome, and infectious diseases affecting the spine and intervertebral discs (tuberculosis, brucellosis, epidural abscess) cause severe pain in the lumbar region.

Their cause could also be a tumor located near the spine or in the spinal cord.

To identify the underlying disease that causes pain and discomfort, it is necessary to undergo a full medical examination.

What to do when back pain, what treatments are available

In the appointment of conservative therapy pursued three main goals: relief, development of programs and preventive measures to treat the underlying disease that causes pain, early return of patient to normal life.

Whatever the cause of pain in the lumbar region, for the treatment of the underlying disease most commonly used drugs. In addition, the doctor may prescribe painkillers in the form of tablets or ointments, but in case of severe pain in the form of injections.

As a complement to them – or alternatively, if the treatment medicine is contraindicated – prescribe a course of therapeutic massage or manual therapy. Of course, massage should be done by a highly qualified specialist, because if improperly performed it may do more harm than good.

In recent years, patients with a sore lower back, often recommend a course of acupuncture. This method is very effective for pain relief and relieve muscle tension.

In many diseases of the spine good effect is given physiotherapy and yoga, but these classes are in any case impossible to pursue on their own initiative – the program shall be provided by the specialist.

It is also important to observe the regime and not to overload the back. If you have a sore lower back, do not abruptly lift weights, but moderate exercise is required. Try as often as possible to walk and take small breaks during the working day to perform a few simple exercises and exercise.

Pain in the lumbar region is always a sign of disease, which will not work by itself. Pain meds only hide the problem but not solve it.

With adequate treatment the improvement of the condition of the patient the pain goes away by itself, but complete recovery requires time. To ease the pain, requires a course of events that can only be done in a specialized medical institution.

But whatever caused the pain in the lower back, you should understand why. If the doctor could not set it up, and appoints painkillers, there is a risk to start the situation. Then the pain may develop into chronic, and pain medications can be addictive.

Getting rid of back pain

One of the modern effective methods of chronic pain treatment in modern hospitals is the method of Pain Management. The method consists in a series of virtually painless injections in the lumbar region, which block pain by destroying the nerve endings in the area of inflammation. Pain Management is an opportunity to get rid of the pain for a long period (a year or two, until recovery of the nerve endings) during which, following the doctor's recommendations, you'll be able to take the necessary steps to find and fix the root cause of the pain.

For pain relief apply and other programs, including drug treatment, and methods of physical therapy – physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, electrical stimulation, and treatment with ozone, Botox therapy and more.