Back pain on the left above the waist. Nagging pain on the left back

Often these unpleasant sensations indicate the presence in the body of the running of the pathological process. To cure the disease in this case, taking grandma's herbs or one tablet of Panadol will not work. To pain on the left back side is not repeated, requires complex therapy. Often to solve problems requiring surgery. The pain from the back left can be a symptom of the following diseases:

  1. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system that occur with lesions of the spine. Such diseases include tuberculosis, tumor of the spine which occurs as a result of specific damage, spinal curvature, degenerative disc disease with displacement of the intervertebral discs.
  2. Kidney disease, which are accompanied by formation of stones in the pelvis.
  3. Some heart disease. These include myocardial infarction, angina.
  4. Myositis.
  5. Defeat pleura and lung.
  6. Diseases of the organs located in the abdominal cavity.

Often nagging pain in the back left above the waist starts during pregnancy. In this case, the problem is not related diseases. To solve this problem is to contact the experts. back

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

In some illnesses of the spine may be suffering from left in the back. It should be noted that this category of disease is the main cause of such discomfort. The bottom line is that certain problems, such as lowered immunity or overweight can lead to metabolic disturbances. As a result, the patient develops thinning of intervertebral disks and degeneration. With excessive physical exertion, sudden movement and weight lifting damaged vertebra can move in any direction, but most often that is left. This leads to jamming and reactive inflammation of the sensitive nerve roots, located behind. As a consequence, there is pain in the back above the waist.

In scoliosis observed the exact same pattern. The cause of pain left in the back may be low back pain and, of course, a constant twisted posture. If the left side develops cancer, tumors grow and begin to destroy not only soft tissue, but also nerves, cartilage and bone. In this case, there is a very strong pain in the back left, remove that can only narcotic painkillers.



In the waist of the person are the larger muscles. Due to the impact of unfavorable factors, such as increasing physical stress or hypothermia, in these soft tissues inflammatory process begins which is accompanied by pain. Uncomfortable sensations in the change in body position, coughing or breathing. These symptoms indicate the presence of such unpleasant phenomena as lumbar myositis. scoliosis

Kidney disease

The left kidney is projected on the left side of the waist. For this reason, some disorders give pain in the back. Feelings can have a completely different nature: aching, dull, sudden, sharp. Pain syndrome is very similar to what occurs in certain diseases of the spine. So they are very easily confused without special tests that allow to correctly diagnose the disease. While not a strong tingling sensation in the region of this internal organ pain in the back left above the waist increases. However, without laboratory analysis this characteristic proves nothing.

Heart ailments and back pain

Diseases of other internal organs and respiratory system

In pneumonia it may corrupt the lower portion of the pleura. When breathing inflammation of the surface of the bodies rubbing against each other. This leads to pain on the left back side. If the disease is run, you can increase temperature, increase discomfort, and in the pleural cavity will accumulate in the liquid.

It should be noted that the back may begin to ache due to some diseases of organs located in the abdominal cavity. In certain pathologies, for example, intestinal obstruction or inflammation of the peritoneum, requires immediate surgical intervention. If these ailments can be pain in the back under the shoulder blades. Accompanied by such feelings and even muscle tension in the abdominal cavity.

In pathological processes, sluggishly flowing in the stomach, the pancreas and liver, you may experience chronic aching pain. The feeling is not intense. However, because of them, the patient may experience discomfort. Back treatment in this case depends largely on the underlying disease.

Back pain during pregnancy

As for pregnancy, the experts can not confidently answer why the woman, this period may experience discomfort in the lower back. Is this condition normal or abnormal? In any case, the carrying a child is a strong stress to the body. The result is a violation of all physiological processes. A similar phenomenon can also cause pain in the back left above the waist. In this situation, the discomfort can be due to several factors: factors

  1. The compression of the uterus and displacement of some internal organs.
  2. Increased intra-abdominal pressure.
  3. The increased stress on the spine.

If the pain intensified, and there was even slight bleeding, you should immediately consult a doctor, as this may indicate the development of complications, which constitute a danger to life not only the child but also the mother. The slowdown in such a situation can lead to disastrous consequences.

Whom to contact if back pain left side

Diagnosis and treatment of pain in the lower back in the left side is usually performed by several specialists: traumatologist, surgeon, gynecologist, physician, ultrasound, a radiologist, a physician. Initially, it appears, has long been an unpleasant feeling, and what is the nature of pain: one that gives or does not give to other parts of the body, pulling, aching, burning. It is worth noting that the doctor may suspect pathology of the internal organs or spine during the first inspection.

Or desired tests

Without tests, alas, will not work. Especially if pain in the back. The left lower back may be sore due to the development of many diseases. Therefore, for accurate diagnosis have to pass a common urine and blood samples. Recently become popular all sorts of research on markers of certain diseases. To confirm or exclude the presence of certain diseases of the heart, is mandatory electrocardiogram. If necessary, the doctor may refer the patient to cat scan, ultrasound and radiography.


Recommendations for the treatment of back pain

As for the General recommendations for the treatment of back pain on the left side, they are just missing. At the moment there are a large number of drugs developed by modern pharmaceutical companies that can relieve the discomfort for some time. However, painkillers do not always solve the problem. After all, these drugs only mask the pain, but the cause is not eliminated. In addition, doctors do not recommend anesthesia before the inspection, as this only distorts the clinical picture and makes it impossible to quickly and properly diagnose. Back treatment should be carried out in accordance with the basic disease, which has become a cause of discomfort.

You can use the tools of alternative medicine

Many experts do not recommend themselves to accept any funds, home-cooked plant-based raw materials, as this may affect the patient's condition and even harm him. The use of such drugs is permitted only after consulting a doctor and only in combination with pharmaceutical means.

If the problem is in the spine, then in home you can do massage, medical gymnastics. However, these methods of therapy is strictly prohibited during pregnancy, tumors, tuberculosis, heart diseases and in some diseases of the skin.


Your treatment gave positive result to the problem should be approached individually. After all, each case of back pain on the left side has its own characteristics. Therefore, if you have discomfort in the back in the first place you should turn to a medical facility for help.

In conclusion

The first step is to call an ambulance, because discomfort can be a symptom of more serious diseases. If experiencing acute, severe or nagging pain on the left in the back, then you can give the patient antispasmodic. If there are no contraindications, you can do a light massage. When this much pressure on a sore spot is not worth it. Massage will relieve the tension of back muscles. However, further treatment must appoint a physician. Remember that in some diseases, massage is prohibited.