Pain in lower abdomen and lower back

If a sore lower back and abdomen, it is sufficient to understand the main thing – pain is very important for understanding the problems of its further elimination. Pain always is a marker of life-threatening diseases.

So our body reacts. To suppress it is impossible. You need to listen to your body. It tends to indicate health problems.

Man you just need to contact the doctor to identify and treat pathology.

Abdominal pain in the lower back have causes gynaecological, urological spectrum and is common for men and women. Let's start with General sources.

Back pain

Common sources

Causes of lower back pain and lower abdomen several: intestinal, inflammatory diseases, diseases of the lower section of the spinal cord.

Inflammation of the Appendix

This is a dangerous acute inflammation with pain at the bottom right, sometimes give in the region of the stomach and mid-abdomen.

The pain can be aching, left and right with other symptoms – increased body temperature, vomiting, problems with urination and defecation, General weakness, lethargy.

The answer to the question "How and why pain in the abdomen and radiates to the back?", is how the Appendix is located inside the abdominal cavity.

He can go to the bottom of the pelvis, located near the liver. Also, it may not be typical – go for the gut, then pulling appear, slight pain in the lower back, will not be bright symptoms.

Acute passage can occur infection and peritonitis. Pain in the abdomen should immediately cause concern for their health. Without surgery can not do.

Intestinal infection

In case of intestinal infections agents which are pathogens that occur aching pain in the lumbar region and abdomen. They have no clear localization.

They are accompanied by other symptoms: decreased appetite, nausea, diarrhea, feces with blood and mucus. Here you need the help of an infectious disease physician.

As a rule, in addition to purely medical treatment are binding on a special diet mild. In severe cases the stomach is washed.

To normalize the water-salt medium is used in the following ways:

  • special solutions;
  • drink plenty of liquids;
  • drugs from diarrhea;
  • chelators;
  • restore intestinal flora means better multi-component;
  • prebiotics for reproduction of beneficial microorganisms.
Abdominal pain

Weak muscles

The source of back pain is getting a big belly. The muscles in the back of the body and abdominal muscles are antagonists. When tense back muscles, relaxed front.

Many women, men, big, loose, bulging belly. What is the reason? Usually they say about obesity.

But the fact is that fat has one property: it is deposited there, where there are relaxed muscle. If the muscles would not be relaxed, and the fat on the front of the abdomen had not been postponed.

Why relax the muscles of the abdomen? Because tense muscles in the back due to disorders of the lumbar spine.

If in this case I advise you to strengthen your back muscles, this is absolutely wrong. Lumbar took on a huge load.

The dorsal muscles are so tense, twisted, there is a muscle imbalance. On the contrary, they need to relax.

For this it is necessary to strengthen the function of their antagonist – abdominal muscles, anterior abdominal wall.

And it triggered another myth that you need these muscles to train the leg raises. Really is the easiest way.

You should try to monitor your belly, to keep it draw – to do isometric muscle tension of the abdominal wall.

Then reflex to relax the muscles of the lumbar spine and decrease pain in the lower back.

Thus, if you follow the shape of her belly, the constant mental stress to adjust, pull in your stomach to improve the function of the lower spine.

Diseases of the spine

Back is an important part of the body that requires special treatment. It can be severe pain, dangerous for the entire body. According to statistics, back pain affects more than 50% of adults who work in the world.

To doctors addresses only 10%. While back pain, especially in the lower part, is a dangerous symptom. Diseases of the spine quickly affect other internal organs, and muscles in the disease process.

Pain in the lumbar region is familiar to many people. Expressed pain in the lower back which are pulling are specific causes of the disease.

Need to find out why a sore lower back which organ is affected by this disease.

What causes lower back pain? Aching pain is a symptom. It's hard to find someone who would be hurt by the lower back at least once in your life.

The most common cause of developing osteoarthritis with all its consequences, until the disc tears, hernias.

Lumbar pain requires careful attention to itself. It is very important not only to stop the pain, but the main thing is to remove the reasons that underlie it.

To eliminate the pain drawing used the following methods:

  • methods of Oriental therapy – acupuncture, massages, rubbing ointments, acupressure;
  • the method of myofascial massage. It is akin to Chinese medicine, affects the connective tissue structures responsible for the process of maintaining the spine.
  • the method of hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches).

These methods allow to relax the tense, clenched muscles, relieve spasm and ease pain, improve blood circulation.



Kidney pain when pyelonephritis is caused by stretching of the kidney capsule. It will be constant, radiating down both in the lower back, but in the course of the ureter.

Be pain when urinating, the urine may become turbid, frothy appearance of a protein or color of meat slops, so as through the renal membrane permeate erythrocytes.


Back pain can be symptoms of various tumors. Cancer stomach pain whining character, which gives to the bottom – the lower back.

The pain spreads to other abdominal organs, the spine. Hence a sore lower back, abdomen.

Gynecological problems

If the pain in the abdomen, then girls, women, most likely, the pathology of pelvis – uterus, epididymis, ovaries, tubes. The problem must be sought here.

When the pain changed from sharp to blunt, then, the inflammatory process has passed from the acute phase of a so-called diffuse inflammation.

For example, acute pain occurs during the cyst.

Urological problems of men

Compared with women, men not so often a similar range of pain.

Usually, if there is lumbar pain, which pulls much give in the leg, the man justifies her overload at work, or when lifting weights.

However, all is not so harmless. The pain is more serious causes that require medical intervention.

Usually treated simultaneously with antibiotics and herbal drugs.

This is another complex male disease cause certain bacteria – gonorrhea, chlamydia, enterobacteria.

This disease may also occur as a consequence of injuries.

All diseases require quick action, because the consequences could be dire, which inflict painful, sometimes inferior existence. This will help avoid the only treatment by a specialist.