Back pain, low back pain, causes, treatment of back pain

The pharmacological industry for the last 100 years has created huge amount of drugs that really help people to endure pain and makes their lives easier. It is a great merit scholars and researchers.

The causes of back pain

low back pain

That somewhere in the body there is pain people were always familiar. Because it is a universal protector of our body. Pain is the guardian of the basic vital functions of the body. The main objective of any biological object is the reproduction of own kind and protection from external and internal threats. It protection - and in that feeling the pain gives away its primary function. So not always it is bad.

To cite one example that shook me to the core. On the one hand, showing the incompetence of some doctors, on the other, the thoughtlessness of some patients. And the price of these mistakes was too high.

In early 2012, one of the Central channels showed a blatant case. It led to the amputation of both feet of a person with diabetes type 2 diabetes. Male 65 years asked for help in one of the Wellness centers. He was disturbed by unpleasant sensations in the knee joints and back pain. As one of the reasons he was diabetes type 2 diabetes and hypertension. He took painkillers and remedies that reduce blood pressure.

Have diabetes there is one complication. Very tricky and difficult. With the defeat of vessels of lower extremities increased levels of glucose in the blood suffer and peripheral nerves, the nerve endings die off. In other words - on the feet of the men there was virtually no sensitivity.

In the center, where he was converted, a specialist in "medicine" (no desire to call him a doctor), limited to surface examination of the patient, decided to help him. And "help" in quotes. Later tell you more about that. In the meantime, let's deal with the mechanism of formation of the phenomenon of pain.

Pain is the end product of our brain. The brain analyzes the human condition and critical pathology gives warning signal. Of course, there are variations in sensation. Most of all - something hurts. In any case, it is discomfort and desire to get rid of it. There is always a heavy psychological images. Some of the pain and may faint. Other even with a torn arm or leg can continue to do something.

There is a whole science called chiropractic, which examines a phenomenon as pain, its causes. She is looking for ways to overcome the pain and offers ways of its reduction. Once again, that no matter the pain experienced in the back, or a sore lower back,below, above, left, back, stomach, shoulders... the Reason is always a product of our mind.

Back pain what to do

back pain

What to do if you had a severe back pain? How to remove severe pain has long been known - the use of drugs. They do, in terms of pharmacology, the simple things. Just block in the nerve cells of the brain receptors which are excited by pulses of pain. These receptors process the signals of distress coming from a particular area of the body. It is no wonder, under the influence of drugs during the operation, you can perform a very serious intervention. And feeling it will not. But what using drugs? It may develop a very pernicious disease - drug addiction. A very terrible condition.

In any case, strong back pain is a painful emotional state. Men, women and children. The body has its own ways of relieving pain. As soon as the unpleasant phenomenon immediately activates the mechanism of self-regulation. The person instantly removes his hand from the hot iron, if it hurts in the stomach - appetite disappears, and if the back - one begins to move less. And in order to reduce suffering. If a pain response of excess - and you faint. It is also a defense mechanism. Unfortunately, the regulatory mechanisms are not always perfect. Severe pain in trauma with subsequent pressure drop can lead to death.

In medicine this phenomenon is called traumatic shock. And treatment he already had. By the way, for this reason, in the medical first-aid packages the soldiers of most armies of the world have drugs. The drug is introduced on time, reduces harmful effects of this phenomenon and saves man from death

Our body is a powerful computer network, equipped with thousands of sensors scattered throughout the body that instantly react to certain changes in the body. Trauma, inflammation, destruction of something - it's a pain

Analgesic actions and all medical care often boils down to understand the cause of pain, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, restore blood flow, restore the body. All notions of pain for a better understanding can be divided into several parts. This is the Central methods of eliminating it by using various drugs that affect the receptors and peripheral techniques. The latter include all local treatments, which improves physiological processes in the body. Peripheral pain well eliminates conduction anesthesia. With her we are almost all familiar with. Most of the modern interventions on teeth dentists perform under this type of anesthesia.

The so-called "stab in the back", as used in surgery, allows for a serious intervention in the lower extremities.

One word of achievements very much. But the elimination of a painful syndrome is not a cure. Cause of pain that persists.

Go back to the beginning of this article. A man with diabetes had a reduced sensitivity in the lower extremities. His peripheral nerves have lost their function. Grief specialist asked him to be on the Mat with tourmaline heated and left it for 20 minutes without attention.

All would be nothing. It is itself a tourmaline a very effective tool for the normalization of the energy system of the person. The man obediently 20 minutes on the Mat. Whether the temperature was high, then something else. After all, he had no discomfort. The result - stop the burns of 1-2 degrees. Redness, bubbles. And the most important thing. Diabetes very low immunity. . Arose gangrene. And its treatment is only amputation to save a person's life. And, unfortunately, the question of amputation of both legs above the knee. That's what happens when pain is not. It just didn't feel, as a specialist in "medicine" did not attach importance to his diabetes mellitus.

Low back pain

back treatment

Back to pain, especially in the back. No matter where it manifests itself more. In the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine. The options and combinations can be different. Let's in detail understand when it hurts lower back or whole back.

Often people are troubled by a dull, painful sensations in a particular Department, especially low back pain. What causes it? If we consider myself a slipped disc - it has no nerve endings. If you look at the vertebrae, only the periosteum is supplied with nerve endings. And when starting the process in the back - they are not affected. So what's the cause of painful impulses? The cause of back pain in poor performance of two adjacent vertebrae with a sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact that they become closer to each other. And at this moment the small intervertebral joints can do a lot of damage. Because the distance between them is very small. Look closely at the picture.

Joints are so much closer together that gradually begin to crumble. They reduced the amount of moisture there is arthritis or osteoarthritis. The body, to somehow to reduce the destruction of these joints for some time with a muscle spasm off from the work of two adjacent vertebrae. Simply put - it blocks them so that the joints recovered. If the owner of the body is listening to these first signals of pain and starts to behave correctly, i.e. the right to move, to stretch more, eat rationally, he is recovering. By the way, remember that any cat or dog when you get up, they stretch. We have this healing effect is forgotten. If nothing is done, the muscles can not long be in a state of stress, and sooner or later back pain can become so strong that they force the owner of this body to do them. Many are simply addicted to painkillers. But what to do, because eventually there is destruction of the intervertebral disc and as a consequence appears to her Majesty "HERNIA". And many here are ready for anything. The man is very bad. A sharp cross from the bottom, right, left, back does not move. Back pain - any movement brings an overwhelming discomfort. People do want help and need it. And it is sometimes difficult to do without a scalpel.

The treatment of back pain

The treatment of back pain is objectives:

  1. To remove or reduce pain in the lower right or left back;
  2. To ensure the elimination of the causes;
  3. Strengthened through specific exercises the muscles around the vertebrae. To restore normal blood flow and good nutrition of bone and cartilage of the vertebrae. .

The main analgesic interventions are primarily rest, lying position with elevated upper body. Sometimes drugs can be used.

The treatment of back pain is best done through stretching of the spine by dosed load scheme. Subsequently it is very important for at least 2-3 months to do the exercises on the system simulator NT-01 for strengthening the muscular corset. This is one of the most important conditions for a truly effective treatment for many, many years.

And, of course, the normalization of all vital organs. It is necessary to regulate the bowels, purify the body, nourish it with liquid.

Thus, by analyzing the characteristics of back pain, it can be argued that they are likely to benefit as a signal sent to us from the brain than punishment.

THINK, STOP, RETHINK your Outlook on life. Because a muscle spasm in the back can be a response to insecurity. A very interesting fact. Correct posture in women is always a sense of admiration. Become men it was originally based on the beauty of nature. Having straightened his posture, strengthening the muscles, you will not only get rid of the back pain, but also in any situation to be confident. You could be the person that can achieve that for which we actually live. Our spine is the Foundation of good health.

Care is the primary goal of each of us. Keep this in mind. And one more thing. Our children mostly spend hours sitting in front of television screens and computer monitors. As a result, the posture they have is poor. Poor posture pain does not cause, but eventually at the age of 18-20 years they will start to complain about aching back. And they will come era of osteochondrosis. We as parents should make our children healthy and happy.