Causes of pain in the neck and back

Soreness of the back and neck happens at least once in the lives of so many people. Depending on the reasons for discomfort, the person may need the help of a neurologist, internist, trauma surgeon and other specialists. Let us examine in detail to what doctor to address, if a sore back and neck what to do to help.



This is inflammation of the muscles of the back, neck, lower back. Myositis can be a complication of any viral infections, like influenza. Myositis often occurs after hypothermia, prolonged stay in the wind with open back and neck. Is a sharp pain at rest and at the slightest movement. Sore muscles when you touch the hot, dense, very painful.

With myositis person difficult to move, but, nevertheless, is to try to get to the doctor – the therapist or the neurologist. After examination, the doctor may prescribe additional study – analysis and x-ray to exclude other causes of pain. If the diagnosis is confirmed, treated with myositis anti-inflammatory drugs, rest and physical therapy fairly quickly. In myositis do not want to use tepidus ointments and compresses inflammation will ensue.


A very common reason why there is pain in the neck and back pain – common low back pain. If it is soft cartilage between the vertebral bones become thin and thick, that pinch the nerves, there is a spasm of the muscles of the back. There is a strong pulling pain all over his back and neck when affected by both these parts of the spine.

It is best to consult a neurologist, but in the absence of assistance can be provided by a physician or a trauma surgeon. Is necessarily performed radiography or computed tomography. Her doctor to see changes of the vertebrae, characteristic of osteoarthritis. The treatment for a few weeks, with the inclusion of tablets, injections and ointments. If strong pain, it is useful to use physical methods, such as acupuncture. For prevention of osteoarthritis should be young to do regular exercises.

Deforming spondiloarthrosis

Sometimes that hurts, upper back, or lower back in a particular place. People can quite pinpoint the source of pain. Such local pain is often said about deforming spondylarthrosis. This disease affects one or more joints of the spine, affecting all its parts.

In case of suspected spondylosis man should visit a rheumatologist or neurologist. After conducting several tests, x-ray, CT scan – the doctor will confirm or deny the diagnosis. Treated deforming spondiloarthrosis long. To completely eliminate the changes of the joint impossible. With the help of anti-inflammatory and painkillers can only remove the aggravation. Often spondylosis occurs after a back injury.


Is the displacement of the vertebrae relative to each other. Spondylolisthesis can occur after trauma or due to congenital weakness of the ligaments and muscles. Shift, the vertebrae are pinching the nerves is severe, prolonged pain. To bend in all planes becomes very painful, the muscles of the back tense.


Spondylolisthesis is a very rare abnormality. Suspected contact a neurologist or traumatologist doctors will be able to distinguish this illness from degenerative disc disease or disc herniation. A review and study of x – rays and magnetic resonance imaging. Often spondylolisthesis at require surgery. Then the person goes to the neurosurgeon. Spondylolisthesis at recommended sleep on a firm, hard bed.

Spinal stenosis

Inside the spine is the spinal cord are the nerves that provide movement of the entire body. In many diseases, e.g., degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, tumors, narrowing the channel. Then the spinal cord is compressed by the bones of vertebrates. This causes pain of the back and neck, you may experience weakness in the arms or legs.

Spinal stenosis develops very gradually, the symptoms are worse by the day. The diagnosis is made by neurologist or neurosurgeon on the results of examination and imaging. For pain management use pain relievers anti-inflammatory drugs. In the case that they are ineffective and stenosis progresses, surgery is performed. To hold the spine in the correct position when the stenosis help bandages.

Prolapse or hernia of intervertebral

Rapid, sudden back pain occurs when the herniated disc of the spine. This is a protrusion of cartilagethat appears due to destruction of the dense shell of the disk. The protrusion presses on nerves, causing severe pain. To move a person with a hernia it is difficult and very painful. Limbs can almost completely lose mobility in strong compression.

A herniated disc often requires surgery, so you should consult a neurosurgeon. After carrying out magnetic resonance tomography the doctor to specify whether to perform the operation or until you can eliminate the pain syndrome with medication. Apply anti-inflammatory and pain medication injections. For prevention of hernia should be strengthen the back muscles moderate loads and avoid heavy lifting.

ENT diseases

ENT diseases

Sometimes, painful neck and back are not connected with the spine. This can be a problem from the side of ENT-organs. Severe tonsillitis without treatment is complicated by peritonsillar abscess – biggest abscess on the side of the neck. There is severe pain in the back of his neck, upper back. The movement of the neck is limited and painful.

Along with the pain the person has a fever, and the skin in the abscess is hot and red. The abscess is opened from the side of the mouth with a doctor-otorhinolaryngologist. Will require long-term therapy with antibiotics. Suspect that rhoncus tonsillitis abscess is possible by a General deterioration despite treatment increasing pain. When a large abscess of the man can not open his mouth due to spasm of the muscles near the ulcer.


Spinal tumors are back pain. It can be as metastases from other organs-and self-education of the spine. Pain when tumors are very strong, aching, worse at night. They are combined with poor General health, weight loss.

The tumor diagnosis is difficult to suspect, because the symptoms are similar to osteoarthritis, which is most of the time. Helps in detection of tumors magnetic resonance imaging and blood tests. Any tumor needs to be removed as it increases, squeezed the spinal cord, thus will cause paralysis of the arms or legs. But the decision on the removal is taken by a neurosurgeon-oncologist – these specialists are tumors of the spine. In malignant tumors after surgery, receive chemotherapy.


Falls from height, blows, wounds to the back are very dangerous complications on the spine. Is a strong, sharp pain at the time of injury. Depending on the level and extent of spinal cord injury, you can lose mobility, the sensitivity of the hands or feet, disturbances of the function of urination. When severe whiplash can cause breathing problems and even sudden death.

For any suspected spinal injury person should get to the hospital. Best of all, if it will make the ambulance. The movement of the person in this state alone is very dangerous. May increase spinal cord injury. So the best tactic is to call an ambulance and ensure peace to the victim prior to her arrival. Damage to the cervical spine frequently occurs when jumping into water in an unknown place, when the bottom or objects under the water are too close.

rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis

This disease is autoimmune. That is, the immune system is attacking himself. It produces antibodies that attack its own tissues of the joints. Most often it is the small joints of the hands and feet. Rarely the lesions of the spine. Is the pain in the back, inability to stoop or bend. In the spine movement is limited.

As a rule, a person aware of the presence of rheumatoid arthritis. The disease is incurable completely. But, if you follow the recommendations of a competent rheumatologist, then you can get rid of frequent exacerbations and progression of the disease. Used strong anti-inflammatory drugs and expensive medications, se curat ut immunity. The joints in rheumatoid arthritis over time, irreversibly deformed.


One of the rare causes of pain in the neck and back – dermatomyositis. It is also an autoimmune diseasein which the immune system is affected. The basis of lesions in dermatomyositis muscle and skin. Own immune system attacks and damages. Muscles become tight, the skin is thick and inelastic.

Pain at dermatomyositis is constant over the entire surface of the back. Muscles when you touch a solid, but less painful than a simple myositis. Diagnosis and treatment of dermatomyositis – the task of the rheumatologist. In the diagnosis helps a thorough interview, examination and blood tests. Treatment life, with the use of strong hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs that suppress aggressive immune system.


Sclerosis rarely presents with pain in the back. It is a systemic autoimmune diseasein which the affected joints, vessels, muscles and many internal organs: blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract. While scleroderma can appear as pain in the lower back and throughout the back along the neck. The pain is constant, aching, accompanied by a feeling of tightness and muscle weakness.

If you suspect scleroderma should consult a rheumatologist. He will conduct a thorough inspection, assess the condition of the skin and joints. Is also appointed blood tests, which show signs of aggression their own immunity. Treatment similar to the treatment of dermatomyositis – a systemic anti-inflammatory hormonal.

Sharp's Syndrome

This disease is very similar to scleroderma or dermatomyositis. In its development also takes part's own immune cells attacking the body. There is a soreness of the back, from the cervical to the lumbar region. Often pain in the joints and other organs as the disease affects the entire body.

The diagnosis is quite difficult. A rheumatologist, after inspection and receipt of results of investigations to exclude other systemic diseases. Only in this case we can speak about the probability of sharp's syndrome. Prolonged treatment, using painkillers, hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Systemic vasculitis

These pathologies are striking vessels. Depending on the size of vessels – small, medium or large systemic vasculitides are divided into several diseases. In the development of any of these vasculitis is an immune attack on the walls of their own vessels. They become inflamed, thicken, can be damaged.

If it is small vessels, the rash appears on the skin in the form of fine or medium points. With the defeat of the larger vessels of the rash may not be, but the affected organs, perfused distressed vessels: kidneys, heart, brain. Treats systemic vasculitis rheumatologist with vascular tools and immunosuppressants.

pain after a massage

Pain after a massage

Pain the back after a massage may be due to too coarse the influence of the masseur. Often, especially in people with sensitive fragile vessels, after a session having a slight bruising. It is manifested by severe pain in the back and the next visit of the masseur will be even more painful.

But sometimes that pain is not the fault of the masseur. If there is muscle spasm, tension them during the massage, the muscles gradually relax. Then the first movement of the hands of a specialist will cause unpleasant and painful, and by the end of the session, the muscles will relax and the pain will pass.

If urgent medical attention?

  • Soreness of the back can be completely harmless phenomenon, but sometimes required emergency treatment to the doctor:
  • Back pain combined with a fever – it happens when the epidural abscess.
  • Suspected pain of the back and neck of the child.
  • The pain combined with vomiting, severe headache in the occiput and inability to bend the neck forward may indicate meningitis.
  • The soreness was the result of a blow or fall on the back.
  • The pain eases during the day.

How to ease the condition of the house?

If pain is not strong, then you can try to alleviate the condition at home before visiting the doctor.

  • You can use compresses of the leaves of burdock or cabbage: they relieve swelling in muscles, reduce inflammation in myositis.
  • Confricantes on the basis of alcohol can be used in osteochondrosis, spondylarthrosis – they relax tense muscles and ease the condition.
  • Can often help simply to rest the back. Indeed, one of the most frequent causes of pain, strain and fatigue. To understand the causes of pain back and neck is difficult.

A huge number of reasons can cause pain. This article lists the main ones for review. For accurate diagnosis and treatment should see a specialist.