Why is a sore lower back right side?

Lower back pain right side – a common symptom, torture in a variety of cases. The spread of the causes of the pain syndrome on the right side of the lower back from normal fatigue to serious violations of functions of internal organs. But in most cases this is due to the fact that damaged intervertebral discs. To find out the cause of pain attacks in the back, in the lumbar region and to recommend adequate treatment can only a doctor.

back pain right side

Why hurt right

Osteochondrosis of the intervertebral discs of the lower back is the most common cause. Short pain attacks in the lower back may start after strong movements, coughing, sneezing and laughter. In these moments can be a cross back (also known as lumbago). In this condition the person for a while loses the ability to move from the pain. Attacks in this situation often develop an ad radiatis in thighs and buttocks with the same power.

Spondylosis always causes a sharp back pain on the right side when the patient leans forward, lying on the left side of the body, long does not change the position in which it is located. Often the pain reborn in temporary lameness due to the loss of sensitivity in the lower extremities. This symptom may go away as suddenly as it came.

Traumatic impact on his back in the lumbar region on the right in the back can cause back pain, for example, if the person has fallen. Usually, these symptoms manifest immediately after a deforming impact. A variety of tumors, inflammation, accumulation of pus and necrosis can also cause pain attacks localised in the spine.

Pain in right side bottom

Here pain syndrome is localized after the injury, and the development of various tumors. Another common reason why back pain on the right, it becomes hard physical labor, rapid movement. As you can see, the scatter of the sources of pain in the right loin is very large, so we suggest to visit a doctor and not be too self. After all, the root of the problem can be not only abnormalities of the spine, but also in the disruption of the internal organs.

Female pain in lower back right can talk about inflammation of the gynecological system. Sometimes they appear during menopause, cancer of the uterus, extrauterine embryo development. Normal current pregnancy also sometimes causes pain right down the back. For example, pain in the sacrum on the right occurs when the fetus is closer to the back wall of the uterus. Unpleasant feelings in the lower back in men on the bottom right also allude to pathology and inflammation of the male organs.

Pain in the right upper part

If localized pain to the right of the spine, the problem may lie in the disruption of the functioning of internal organs. May hurt as the digestive and reproductive system. Other reasons why pain in right side of lower back, often the sciatica, kidney stones, inflammation of the gallbladder.

Severe pain behind right often causes appendicitis, clip nerve, inflammation of the pancreas. Lower back pain right rear may talk about being sick kidneys.

Thus the clinical picture may be very different and not have the associated characteristic features. So, if the patient vomits and is sick, the problem is more in the digestive system, and if tormented by a fever, probably, is inflammation. Accurate diagnosis of pain in the lumbar region can always put the expert.

The nature of lumbar pain

back pain right side causes

Chronic pain in right side of lower back are most often saying that there are pathological processes in the spine or diseases of the internal organs. If back pain in the lumbar region on the right is likely their root in excessive physical exertion, fatigue and sudden movements. Such pain attacks can be cured with analgesics. If you do not want to abuse drugs, you can just relax, to relax tense muscles.

Aching pain in the lumbar region speaks of purulent formations in the spine. To put such a diagnosis, however, can only be a medic. The root of the problem may be hiding in ordinary low back pain.

Intense discomfort is often seen after a traumatic impact, so after the blows and falls should be possible to quickly refer to the emergency room. Nagging pain in lower back caused by hepatitis. Even if the pain catches up with this type for a while, as soon as possible to go to the doctor.

The treatment of back pain

Limited mobility of the back on the right side, the deterioration of sensitivity and pain in the lower back on the right significantly reduces the quality of life. In addition, adverse changes in the intervertebral discs of the lumbar and deterioration in the work of the digestive and urogenital systems tend to only improve with time. Therefore, to delay the examination if a sore lower back, it is impossible.

Started form any source dolore sensations will be harder to cure.

In addition, health workers will help to deal with symptoms, appropriate painkillers and their dosage. It is better that it was low, because otherwise you can bring harm to the digestive tract. Very strong attacks can be caused by minor deformations of the cartilaginous tissues of the spine. And much better medications that stresses the digestive system, will help rest and avoidance of stressful situations.

When it became clear that the source of pain in the lumbar region on the right lies in the degenerative-dystrophic processes and acute illness is over, the patient is usually assigned to light physical activity. Including physical therapy exercises (at first under the supervision of an instructor), swimming, normal walking. Help massage and physiotherapy.

To ease the pain down the lower back in case of problems with the intervertebral discs and pinched nerves helps nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The situation is worse if disturbed function of the digestive or reproductive system. Need to treat not the symptoms and the disease.