4 reasons and 4 ways of treatment of back pain after childbirth

After birth, sore back and lower back – is this normal? What can be done to reduce suffering? The correct diagnosis, assistance, massage, fitness complex and competent behavior of the woman ensures a fast recovery and victory over pain.

To the problems of women after childbirth – and not very pleasant often added another one: sore back and loin. This overshadows the joy of motherhood every second woman. To understand why it hurts, how to get rid of this pain will be useful not only to nursing moms. Those who love dad and family can help the woman to quickly restore health.

back pain after childbirth

Back pain after delivery: is it OK?

If a woman before pregnancy had pain between shoulder blades in the lumbar region, they will only intensify. Osteochondrosis, protrusion, herniation, and scoliosis curvature of of posture after birth, rapidly progressing due to physical and nervous overload, lack of calcium, etc.

Correct diagnosis and consultation of experts is necessary in this case, self-medication is dangerous. But even for a healthy spine, pregnancy and childbirth is a great burden, and the recovery is extended for many months.

Postpartum back pain may worsen as the spine is subjected to enormous loads

Pregnancy and childbirth – is stressful for your spine

During pregnancy nature makes the body of a woman in a shelter for a child. The mother's body thus sacrificed to some extent in the victim, changes in it cause pain syndromes.

  1. Hormonal changes. To the child it was easier to go through the birth canal, the bones, cartilage, joints, the mother softened under the influence of progesterone. This hormone is released into the bloodstream in large numbers, weakened in the first place, the pain, and why pain occurs most often in it.
  2. A change of posture. During pregnancy changes the posture of the woman and the stomach becomes the center of gravity. To keep the growing belly, the woman is forced to lean back. Cervical, thoracic and lumbar muscle to exert himself – this and a sore back. The abdominal muscles are stretched and the lumbar and pelvic on the contrary, are shortened and reduced. Birth pains hurt them even more, and lower back after giving birth becomes the weak point of each bending and lifting. "Playing" baby in the last periods of gestation is arranged on the right, then left in the womb, and her spine warps. If this happens the pinching of nerve roots (sciatica) — there is a lot of pain.
  3. The internal organs of the mother, the kidneys, such as dis seorsum growing fetus. Returning them to their place associated with drawing pains in the lower back, bestower in the leg.
  4. Generic and attempts to fight. In order to numb the pain of contractions, epidural anesthesia used during childbirth lower part of the body anesthetized. Careless movement women during labor, too strong attempts are the causes of the injuries that the woman does not feel and aggravates. Displacement of the vertebrae and joints, pinched nerves, torn ligaments in the lumbar perceptible, ceases to operate when the anesthetic.

Sacro-lumbar experiences the maximum load during pregnancy and childbirth, there are developing muscle spasms, stretch and tear ligaments, nerves zaselyalsya. This leads to pain in the lower back. The rehabilitation of this Department takes a few months.

If back pain in the blades, it can cause the following causes:

  • spasm of the muscles of the back, which remained from the pregnancy.
  • diseases of the spine: scoliosis, osteochondrosis of the thoracic, etc – 40% of all cases;
  • internal medicine: heart, lungs, stomach, due to stress, cold, malnutrition;
  • neuralgia – inflammation of the nerve roots; it differs from acute heart pain dolore character and duration.
massage for pain management

How to heal your back without drugs

When first detected problem: "sore lower back what to do?" hand immediately reaches for the life-saving pills. But they are in the lactation period, saving the mother can harm the child, even ointments need to be applied with caution. With the exception of pills from the women stay such assistance.

Ointment. Before purchasing such, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Massage (kneading of soft tissue). Good help if lower back pain caused by a spasm inflammation of the muscles. When removing spasms swelling disappear, restoring circulation and muscle tone, joint mobility. The applicator Kuznetsov is a good alternative if there is not enough time and money to visit a massage therapist.

It is important to understand: to quickly restore the body after childbirth massage just need.

Manual therapy. Skilled care will be required when sciatica and neuralgia: strinxit nerves need to be released. Backache in the lower back that give in the leg and coccyx constant pain between the shoulder blades is the reason to go for a consultation with a manual therapist. It will help to straighten the joints of the bones and to put in place, so they left alone the nerve roots.

The official medicine. Her services to women after childbirth to use virtually no time. The most useful thing you can do in the shortage of time is the MRI and subsequent consultation with a neurologist. MRI is the procedure costly, but safe for nursing mothers. It gives complete information about the patient's condition of the back, and consult a neurologist to explain how to treat it, and what actions in this situation is contraindicated. To further not to hurt yourself, we still need to find time and money for this procedure.

And already have to be treated independently, and the main methods of rehabilitation therapy is the prevention of pain and exercise.

The best way to get rid of pain is to prevent it

A few simple things will help the woman who gave birth to quickly restore the spine to reduce pain syndrome to a minimum.

postpartum bandage
  1. Postpartum bandage. It is especially necessary for those who have had before pregnancy, problems with the spine, because it relieves strain on the lumbar muscles and accelerates the recovery of this Department.
  2. To carry the child to use the sling, which helps the back to carry the load symmetrically distributing them. When back pain suitable modifications: sling-scarf, the may-sling, fast sling.
  3. Pillow for feeding — a very useful thing in post-Natal life, because it relieves back strain from prolonged breastfeeding.
  4. Orthopaedic mattress. It is also better to buy for postpartum recovery to ensure optimal conditions for rest of the patient's spine.

As a result of pregnancy and childbirth lower back really hurt. The need to minimize the load on it.

  • Born a woman is not supposed to lift heavy things, sharp bend, to make a physical effort: after all, an impression will result in acute or chronic lower back pain. Will have to learn to lift weights with a straight back, while in the past this science was unknown.
  • All works that require inclination: bathing, washing, diapering, washing floors, — needs to rise above and be done with a straight back.
  • It is necessary to observe the principle that a tired mom is a bad mom; not to be shy and to mobilize all the family focuses on child care.

Physiotherapy: to do carefully, but regularly

If, nevertheless, despite all preventive measures, suddenly get a sore lower back, you can do the following:

  1. If the pain is caught by surprise, you need to slowly bring yourself to any horizontal plane (table). Leaning on her hands, carefully put the upper torso on the surface, the pelvis rests on the edge support. Relax and slightly bend your legs, the muscles of the buttocks. Slowly make a deep breath in the belly and on the number 4 hold your breath. Then smoothly exhale. Such breath to repeat 7-8 times and then moving the forearm to the edge of the support, to remove from the surface. The lumbar muscles that are involved in pain, for it is time to relax, relieves spasm, pain goes away.
  2. The sudden pain slowly down on all fours. The knees are maximally extended, the arms perpendicular to the torso. Back straight, no hump and SAG down. The muscles relaxed, the head is lowered. Belly is a deep breath and slow exhale Hamshacha from his navel to spine. Thus the maximum strain the muscles of the buttocks. This situation persists for 4 seconds. Repeat 7-8 times.
exercises after childbirth

The first exercises after childbirth

On the second or third day after birth, the midwives advise to start the complex restoration exercises:

  • The lifting of the pelvis: 10-15 cm carefully lift him from the prone position;
  • The lowering of the tribes: from this position lower knees bent legs to the right and left, without taking your foot and the back support;
  • Drawing: lying down, raise arms at sides, chest up, trahere simul elbows, but not lifting his head from the support;
  • Lie on your belly at least 10 minutes a day is recommended to restore proper posture and relax the muscles of the spine.

Fitball for nursing moms

A targeted set of exercises for strengthening of back muscles is recommended 6-8 weeks after uncomplicated delivery and after 1.5-2 months after cesarean section.

When selecting the system to restore the lower back you should avoid exercises in the position "sitting" and "standing" because the lower back experiences the maximum load. The optimum source of position "on all fours" and "lying".

Fitball is the direction of fitness ball offers an effective exercises to work back muscles after childbirth. Hypertension – exercise for flattening the back. It not only strengthens the lower back, but also engages a large group of muscles that are responsible for the balance. After delivery, you can learn several variations of this exercise from the same starting position.

  1. I. p.: lie with stomach over ball, hips resting at his side, and feet into the wall. Bent hands facing the ball and your head to drop down and as rounding the back stretching the spinal muscles.
  2. Helping himself with his hands, straighten the body, not the brooch back, not throwing back his head and looking down. All focus on the back muscles, straining them. The muscles of the buttocks remain relaxed. (Breath)
  3. To fix the top position for 1 second, feel the muscle tension.
  4. To descend to its original position. (Exhale).

More complicated options:

  • UPS with hands, concatenated at the back; the elbow thus is taken aside, not forward;
  • lifts with straight arms (more challenging option);
  • on the rise to bend the outstretched arms in the elbows, back, trahere simul blades; then extend hands forward and lowered to its original position (the most difficult option).

This exercise is useful to perform 7-10 times in 1-2 days, complicating the strengthening of back muscles.

Pilates with small

Pilates – exercise for rehabilitation

Pilates is another popular form of fitness. His smooth and unhurried exercises for muscle stretching and correction of posture do not require physical exertion. It is ideal for women in heavy the postpartum period: relieve muscle spasms and pain, correct posture, forming a muscular frame, adjust the weight.

The conditions for the proper practice of Pilates:

  • in diseases of the spine required the recommendation of the neurologist;
  • acute pain is a contraindication to employment;
  • you can do only after a thorough exploration of exercise equipment;
  • mandatory frequency: 2-4 times per week; the first results in 2-3 months.

Back pain should not be a surprise to women after childbirth. But every young mother who faced them for the first time, need advice, understanding, encouragement. Share your problems and experiences in the comments, help each other – and the pain will not be so hopeless.