Cause of pain in right side

One of the common causes of anxiety and seeking medical attention among patients is pain in the right side or the back. This symptom accompanies the development of many diseases of various organs. Some of them are very dangerous and can lead to death. That's why in case of pain in right side be sure to consult a doctor to determine the cause.

Pain localized in the right side, for various diseases of different nature and localization.

The character of the pain in the right side

abdominal pain

In some cases, localization of pain corresponds to the determination of the affected organ. Pains are of different character: dull and aching, sharp and sharp, constant or intermittent. The kind of pain that occurs in lesions of the pancreas (pancreatitis). Sometimes the pain appears when the inflammatory process involves the peritoneum. Good is determined by its location. It is often described as burning, sharp or stabbing. The intensity increases when changing position, while running, walking, raising his hands.

If you feel this kind of pain in the right side, it is necessary to exclude surgical diseases:

If the pain occurs in lesions of the diaphragm (for hernia), it increases with breathing and coughing, radiates to the arms (to the shoulder). One of the manifestations of pain in the right side can be umbilical colic. She appears sharp, intermittent, cramping pain that is caused by increased peristalsis or stretching of the intestine. It occurs most frequently during or after meals. Felt in the area near the navel, while there is nausea, pallor, vomiting. Colitis and enterocolitis accompanied by the appearance of umbilical colic. Prolonged and severe pain type cramps in the right upper quadrant indicates diseases of liver and biliary tract (hepatitis, cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia). In a separate category should provide a "reflected" pain. It is pain from internal organs, which is performed on certain areas of the skin. In diseases of the liver and gallbladder it can give to the scapula, and in diseases of the pancreas and duodenum gives back and lower back and also be felt under the ribs on the right and left.

Localization of pain in the right side

Pain in the right side top:

  1. diseases of the stomach and duodenum;
  2. liver disease;
  3. diseases of the biliary tract;
  4. diseases of the right kidney;
  5. diseases of the pancreas;
  6. right-side pneumonia;
  7. appendicitis;
  8. abdominal form of myocardial infarction.

Pain in right side middle:

  1. volvulus or intussusception of the intestines;
  2. appendicitis;
  3. diseases of the right kidney.

Pain in right side of abdomen below:

  1. kidney damage;
  2. lesion of the uterine appendages;
  3. diseases of the bladder;
  4. appendicitis;
  5. inguinal hernia.

When nagging pain in right side lower abdomen?

If you have pain in right side abdomen, the pain is aching, dull, you should suspect some disease.

In women, it can be the following pathology:

  1. pyelonephritis;
  2. glomerulonephritis;
  3. appendicitis;
  4. a right-hand adnexitis;
  5. ovarian cyst;
  6. biliary dyskinesia on hypotonic type;
  7. cholelithiasis.

Also pain in the right side at the bottom can manifest the time of ovulation of the egg from the ovary.

In men often right lower quadrant pain in the following diseases:

Diseases accompanied by pain in the right side

Diseases of the stomach and duodenum

Gastritis. It is characterized slightly dull periodic pain in right side under ribs and sternum, often appear two hours after meals or on an empty stomach in the morning. Patients complain decreased appetite, belching sour air, constipation or diarrhea.

Duodenitis is accompanied by aching pain in right side under ribs in two hours after a meal. The pain may radiate to (give) the right shoulder, the back, can be encircling. Also, patients may be concerned about vomiting, heartburn, bitter belching, weakness, sweating, diarrhea.

Hernia hiatal

Hepatitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the liver caused by viruses, alcohol abuse, autoimmune diseases, toxins. For any hepatitis characteristic pallor, weakness, slight fever, weight reduction, poor appetite, yellowness of the skin, itching, pain in right side under ribs.

in the right side

Gallstone disease – a disease characterized by the formation of stones in the gall bladder and ducts. The pain of gallstones often dull, aching, radiates to right scapula and shoulder. Increased pain during stress, poor diet, shaking, sudden change of weather. With the progression of the disease is marked intense, cutting, stabbing pain in the right side top, radiating to the right scapula, shoulder. such a pain is called biliary colic. During the attack patients are restless, rushing, screaming or moaning. May experience vomiting, nausea.

Cholecystitis (without stone) – inflammation of the gallbladder. The main symptom of cholecystitis is pain in the right hypochondrium. Increases in the use of abundant spicy, fatty foods, alcohol, soda water. May radiate to the right shoulder blade. Most of the patients accompanied by vomiting, nausea, eructation, bitter, pruritus.

Bowel disease

Appendicitis begins with the appearance of acute pain, often in the right side under the ribs. The pain gradually descends into the belly, and then down into the iliac fossa. At the same time the temperature rises, can be nausea and vomiting, weakness and loss of appetite.

Enteritis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the small intestine. Pain in the right side bottom (right iliac region) appear in the defeat of the ileum. With enteritis, the nature of the pain may be continuous or paroxysmal. Accompanied by rumbling in the abdomen,bloating, diarrhea.

Inguinal hernia on the right accompanied by a momentary sharp pain in right side groin, which appears after physical exertion and heavy lifting, pays in the leg. In addition, during an attack of pain in the right side bottom there is a protrusion, which disappears in the supine position.

Diseases of the kidneys and bladder

Pyelonephritis – an infectious inflammation of the kidneys. Pain when pyelonephritis occurs more frequently with one hand. If the affected right kidney, aching strong there is pain in right side back, lower back can hurt in the right side of the abdomen below. The main symptoms of pyelonephritis: fever in the evening, painful urination, constant thirst, pale with dark circles under the eyes, morning swelling of the face, headache, maybe vomiting. Urine with an unpleasant odor, cloudy.

Diseases of the respiratory system

Pneumonia – inflammation of the lungs. With the defeat of the lower lobes characterized by pain in the right side, both above and throughout. Marked by acute onset with high fever and cough, shortness of breath, weakness, sweating. More common in children. Pleurisy – inflammation of pleural sheets surrounding the lung. Pain when pleurisy gives in the right side, accompanied by pain when swallowing and painful hiccups. Typically the forced position of the patient sitting forward.

Gynecological diseases

Adnexitis – inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. In this disease there is a sharp pain in the lower abdomen to the right or to the left may radiate to the lower back. The attack is very similar to renal colic. Chronic adnexitis can cause pain in the right side during intercourse. Ovarian cyst is manifested by the appearance of a constant aching pain in the lower abdomen that increases during menstruation. Upon rupture or suppuration of the cyst, patients feel sharp pain like when you hit with a dagger.

Apoplexy (rupture) of the ovary leads to severe abdominal pain that may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, loss of consciousness. Ovarian apoplexy occurs very often in the middle of the menstrual cycle (during ovulation). To provoke gap can sexual intercourse or physical activity.

An ectopic pregnancy resulting in the beginning of intermittent abdominal pain, which may appear bloody discharge from the genital tract. The longer the pregnancy develops, the greater the pain, starting to give into the blade and the rectum. If there is a rupture of the pipe, it is accompanied by a very sharp pain and internal bleeding, often leading to loss of consciousness.

Abdominal form of myocardial infarction

pain pregnant

Abdominal form of myocardial infarction is manifested sharp pain in right side under breast, sometimes under the ribs, can hurt the whole side on the right. With this note the emergence of vomiting, not bringing relief, bloating and belching air. Sometimes it may be diarrhea.

Stretching of the muscles of the abdominal wall

Stretching of the muscles of the abdominal wall on the right in the result, the loads on the muscles leads to the subsequent occurrence of pain in the right side when driving.

Myositis, or inflammation in muscle tissue, is the cause of increasing pain in the affected muscles. This pain increases with pressure and movement.


Shingles is caused by herpes virus. In lesions of the nerve trunks of the thoracic or lumbar spinal cord on the right, the patient feels in the beginning of the disease a severe pain in the right side. Later on the skin appear vesicles is characteristic of herpes.

Pain in right side in child

In young children it is quite difficult to determine "where" it hurts and how it hurts. Suspect the pain may be if a child behaves restless, refuses the breast and screams. Characteristic pose with bent to the stomach feet. The child makes an effort, together with this can be vomiting, tension of the abdominal muscles. If we exclude acute surgical disease, this condition is called infantile colic. Young children often with abdominal pain of any localization point at the area around the navel. Older children can clearly identify where they hurt. Frequent and dangerous cause of pain in the right side of the child could be appendicitis. The pain is first felt above or near the navel, then down. May be nausea and vomiting, slight fever, diarrhea. Children often refuse to eat. In appendicitis, the child cannot lie on left side.

One of the problems of childhood (and not only) lesson. It is worth noting that such well-known diseases as ascariasis (defeat) and defeat the worms at certain stages of development are also accompanied by pain in the abdomen, and in the right side in particular.

Pain in right side during pregnancy

About pregnant women should be discussed separately. Any pain in this period requires special attention from both the woman and the doctor. During pregnancy the female body is prone to the emergence of new diseases and the exacerbation of chronic. Pain in right side during this period may indicate the development of hepatitis, biliary dyskinesia, pyelonephritis, appendicitis and other diseases that can be life-threatening to women and fetus. Urolithiasis in pregnant women is even more frequent urination, and bouts of acute pain. Early pregnancy pain in right side below may indicate the development of ectopic pregnancy.

In any case, all these conditions require urgent treatment to the doctor.