The causes of back pain and ways to fix it

If your child has back pain, parents should immediately consult a doctor who will identify the cause of pain and prescribe treatment. The pain may signal how about a small injury and the beginning of the development of dangerous violations.

back pain in a child

Why do kids get the discomfort

Many factors can cause discomfort and back pain. The cause may be a muscle strain, fracture, tension, or disease of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Each of these factors is accompanied by a number of symptoms.


Uncomfortable and wrong posture of the child when watching TV, playing on the computer or sitting at a Desk leads to a curvature of the spine, or scoliosis. Initial signs of pathology are:

  • the symptoms of pain in the chest or shoulders;
  • fatigue;
  • weakness.

Over time, the child arise:

  • stoop;
  • asymmetry of the spine and the shoulder blades.

Scoliosis is also accompanied by the following signs:

  • tilted on the side of the head;
  • reduced triangle at the waist;
  • different shoulder height;
  • the shortening leg;
  • the formation of hump.

Causes curvature of the spine in children and adolescents often is a violation of the work of many internal organs, including the lungs and heart. This leads to heavy breathing. Also a failure occurs in the circulatory system.

Older to cure scoliosis much worse, so parents should monitor the posture of your child from an early age. It is recommended to teach younger family member to do at home simple gymnastic exercises. Can't hurt and regular gentle massage.

Scoliosis is more common in girls aged 10-14 years during the period of active puberty.

a back injury in a child


The cause of back pain in children may be:

  • mechanical damage;
  • blow;
  • sprain or muscles.

Such problems often encounter children in sport loads. The probability of injury is high and in the process of outdoor games, if the child is careless while riding on a Bicycle or falling off a swing.

The clinical picture depends on the extent of the damage. To cure the violation in the home is absolutely impossible, if the child:

  • severe pain;
  • severe dizziness;
  • clouding of consciousness.

Such symptomatology indicates a dangerous injuries of the spine, so you should call a doctor immediately. If you suspect a fracture of the spine may not move the child until the ambulance arrived.


Inflammation of the spine one of the spinal nerves causing sciatica. The disease manifests itself in people of advanced age. There is a children's and sciatica, as a result of infectious diseases:

  • sore throat;
  • flu;
  • the viral infection.

Sciatica is manifested by pain in the lumbar region, and often these unpleasant sensations are felt in the leg. It is not excluded a sense of tingling or numbness.

Signs of developing sciatica:

  1. The child complains of severe pain in the back, sometimes in the legs.
  2. Often the child appears limp.
  3. Upon inspection of the back is observed curvature of the spinal curve.
  4. Sometimes the body temperature rises.

As scoliosis, sciatica can not be cured with traditional methods. It will require the help of specialized professionals, which will determine the program of effective treatment.

low back pain in a child


Complex degenerative disorders that occur in the spine, leads to the development of osteoarthritis. This disease often manifests itself as a consequence of other violations. In children, pathology is rare. Threat of disturbances in the body can be the result of a lack of treatment.

Clinical manifestations of the disease:

  • aching pain in the back or lower back from small loads or when the weather changes;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • headache.

Osteochondrosis is causing the problems in the functioning of blood vessels and nerve endings, resulting in poor circulation.

What are the problems in the body provoke pain

Doctors notice that back pain occurs in children as a result of certain disorders or pathological States, including:

  1. Inflammation of the kidneys. Often kidney stones or other kidney abnormalities can cause discomfort in the lower back in children. Most often, the disease affects boys. Accompanying symptoms may be fever, frequent urination, change in color and smell of urine, pale skin, increased pressure.
  2. Myositis. The main cause of the disease is the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Development factors disease — injury, infection or hypothermia. For myositis characterized by asymmetric inflammation of the nerves, causing pain syndrome affects only one side of the body.
  3. Stress. Due to the stress the child can receive complaints of pain in the shoulders or neck.
  4. An improper diet. Calcium deficiency often causes back pain. The lack of this important trace mineral in children leads to the development of rickets, but in older age may experience osteoporosis. To avoid such troubles, it is necessary to include in the diet foods that contain vitamins. D and V.
  5. Inflammation of one or more vertebrae. Could result in hypothermia or a cold. Child complains of General weakness, lethargy, nausea and poor appetite.
  6. Bechterew's Disease. The disease is characterized by asymmetric arthritis of the knee or lower leg. The disease affects the spine in different departments. Disrupted the heart.
  7. Hypermobile syndrome. The disease occurs when there is a violation in the development of connective tissues, which leads to failure of functionality of the locomotor apparatus. Legs feel tired, may develop scoliosis or flat feet.

Other reasons

Among other causes of back pain are:

the causes of back pain in children
  • wearing uncomfortable shoes or the jetpack;
  • poor quality or uncomfortable bedding (mattress, pillow);
  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • diseases of the genital organs;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • tumor;
  • cysts;
  • tuberculosis;
  • congenital pathology.

What to do and what the children's doctors

If you experience pain in the back of a child task of the parent to assess the situation and take necessary measures. They need to make a diagnosis, and for this you need:

  1. Watching the youngest member of the family.
  2. Ask the child about his / her health.
  3. To evaluate the appearance of the disease symptoms (malaise, fever, nausea).

To understand what is happening with the child will help the following professionals:

  • pediatrician;
  • trauma;
  • podiatrist;
  • hematologist;
  • the gynecologist (girls).

Doctors pore over medical records, conduct a thorough examination of the child. On the basis of the results, the doctor prescribes the necessary research. This can be a blood test, x-ray or CT scan. Then the doctor prescribes medications or necessary treatments. In complex cases may need surgery.

Ways emergency pain relief

In order to relieve pain or alleviate the discomfort, you must:

  • inspect the back of the child for the presence of abrasions, contusions or injuries;
  • limits the motor activity of the patient;
  • put child to bed;
  • attach to the sore place something cold (ice cubes wrapped in cloth or cold water soaked towel);
  • to make a light relaxing massage;
  • on the area of pain apply the ointment, which has anti-inflammatory properties.
the prevention of pain


To the spine of the child was healthy, you must always observe the following rules:

  1. To provide the child with adequate food, enriched with vitamins and minerals for the proper development of the skeleton.
  2. Follow the correct posture.
  3. To respect the day.
  4. The kids to buy comfortable orthopedic shoes.
  5. To reduce the load on the spine.
  6. To choose baby age-appropriate pillow and hard mattress, through which the spine takes the anatomical form.
  7. To organize sports activities.
  8. To avoid stressful situations.
  9. To equip the student place, observing all sanitary rules and regulations.
  10. Annually conduct a routine inspection.

Back pain in children is a frequent phenomenon and threat. To avoid unwanted effects and complications if you experience any pain in the spine, it is better to seek help and if necessary take the full course of treatment.