Pain in lower back and tailbone: causes and treatment

While the area of the spine consists of 4-5 fused vertebrae and has no function. But, due to injuries or any disease, you may feel pain in the back, cause significant discomfort and reduces the ability to move normally.

back pain and the coccyx

Pain in the coccyx is called coccygodynia, and if painful sensations are observed in the area of this body, they are called pains in the rectum. But the exact determination of the place of pain is mandatory for the selection of subsequent treatment.

The cause of the pain

The appearance of pain in the region of the coccygeal bone and the lower back can be caused not only injuries of the body. Pain often occur due to:

  • a pinched nerve in the coccyx;
  • cyst;
  • stress;
  • uncomfortable denim pants that put pressure on the vertebrae of the coccyx;
  • long sitting on the furniture with a soft finish.

In addition give rise to pain in the coccyx can become diseases that are directly associated with the spine, muscle and nerve endings of the pelvis, pathological processes, parts of rectum and sigmoid colon, urinary system. Also pain in the area of the coccyx may be due to scar formation in the cavity of the anus, intestinal disorders and habit spends a lot of time on the toilet.

If you feel pain, and to determine the origin of pain is impossible, then we say that such feelings are idiopathic. This condition can be prolonged or suddenly disappear. About 30% of all pains that arise in the area of the coccygeal bones are idiopathic.

Sharp pain in the coccyx can be felt by a person who stands in full growth, in the presence of scars resulting from previous surgery or adhesions the pelvic cavity. Pain when performing tilts can be caused by inflammation of the intestines, bladder, uterus or appendages in women.

If coccyx pain when lying on my back, it is an obvious precursor to developing osteoarthritis. If unpleasant sensations arise in the process of the seat, the obvious reason is the wrong position coccygeal spine when performing this action or injury, as well as the formation of certain cysts.

When a sore lower back gives to the coccyx, then most likely the cause of this condition is diseases of the spine, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the hip joints, various diseases of the rectum or the appearance of postoperative scars.

Pulls coccyx the reasons for this state can be different. Pulling and aching sensations appear in inflammatory processes of genital organs. More rarely such feelings appear when the low back pain and hemorrhoids.

If it hurts inside under the coccyx, the cause of this is likely to be a prolapse of the perineum, trauma, the presence of scars in the anus or rectal disease.

Pain in the coccyx in women, there is an inconvenience, spasms in the area of the coccygeal bones during menstruation, the obvious reason for this is neurological and gynecological disorders. In this case it is better to visit a doctor.

Often pain in the coccyx in women arise during pregnancy. The basis for the emergence of this type of pain are received past trauma, lack of vitamins and calcium in the bones, rebuilding the bones of the pelvis ahead of the birth.

In addition, the reason that numb the coccyx, can be a large kid or incorrect position, as well as inflammation of the pelvic organs.

treatment for

If you have pain in the coccyx after birth – this indicates the presence of a variety of postnatal injuries, such as hemorrhage or extension coccygeal vertebrae.

Prolapse or trauma of the perineum due to severe labor also is a relevant cause of pain in the region of the coccygeal bones.

In men, pain in the spine in the coccyx in connection with inflammation of pilonidal sinus or formation of cysts. This can happen because of its frequent use as a vehicle of a special transport, for example, in the army.

The occurrence of such pain is called "jeep disease". A complication of this condition may be caused by the formation of purulent fistula. If the pain in the coccyx in men persist, treatment can be only surgical.

A pinched nerve

Pain above the tailbone below the waist can be caused by a pinched nerve. This may be due to the following:

  1. Muscle cramping occurs as a consequence of trauma, prolonged stress or sudden movements;
  2. A pinched in the vertebra can be caused by aggravation of degenerative disc disease or displacement of the intervertebral discs.

The treatment of this painful condition if the pinched nerve is easy enough with the help of massage, acupuncture or chiropractic. These actions help to eliminate muscle spasm, release pinched nerves and relieve the pressure on them, returning the natural mobility of the vertebrae.

The harbinger of pain in the coccyx because of a pinched nerve is overweight. In this case, the therapeutic process is supplemented with techniques for the correction and weight loss and herbal medicine.

For the effective treatment of pain in the coccyx, causes and treatment to identify and should appoint a specialist. To reduce the intensity and frequency of pain in the area of the coccyx are various therapeutic methods and techniques. But initially you should determine the cause and origin of pain.

To healing process was successful, you should diagnose the reasons why a sore lower back and tailbone. Worth a visit for the doctor-proctologist. On the basis of his advice, or formed the required treatment, is the need for additional visits to another specialist.

In the case when to determine the exact cause there is no pain, treatment is assigned on the basis of symptoms. In most cases it is effective.


Mainly in the treatment of painful conditions of the coccyx apply a conservative methodology, which preclude surgical intervention. But no method of treatment will not be effective, used one time, so they are used in combination.

treatment vertebra

These include providing rest to the patient, decrease in pain intensity with medication, massage techniques, chiropractic and physical therapy, and exercise therapy. After a detailed consultation of the neurologist treatment can be continued with the help of special medications.

The only case where medical treatment is impossible is pregnancy in women. In such a situation, apply a light massage. In addition, the solution of similar problems not only in women in the position, but anybody suffering from a bone in the coccyx, will be the use of pillows or rubber circle in the form of a donut.

The decrease in the intensity of pain

Pain relief is also one of the practices if you experience moderate pain in the area below the waist. In such a situation, characterized by the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

The intensity of acute pain spasms reduced injection directly near the place of occurrence.

Treatment without medication

If back pain in the coccyx, the pain is in the area of the spine can be alleviated through massage. Such actions are held in the region of the rectum and the pelvic floor muscles.

If pain caused by muscle spasm, manual therapy that helps to relieve such conditions and better blood flow, this will help. Withdrawal intensity and frequency of spasms in patients below the waist or full treatment will be the effects of acupuncture.

Among physiotherapy is often used:

  • ultrasonic;
  • laser;
  • electrotherapy;
  • UHF;
  • also relevant is the use of therapeutic mud, ozokerit, applications with paraffin, and dynamic currents.

Effective method is the use of physical therapy. But the frequency and the amount of such exercise shall be appointed only after consultation with a physician and under supervision, as they need to be done steadily and with a mandatory rest.

Among the traditional medicine popular effects on the source of pain, magnets, poultice of Valerian and blue clay, the use of friction with the use of pine oil and black radish juice, processing of iodine and the mummy.

Surgical intervention is a critical method of treatment of pain in the coccygeal spine. It is used when a fracture or dislocation of the coccygeal vertebrae. Also the reason for the operation in the area of the coccygeal bones may be the inability to solve this problem by other methods.

In conclusion, we can say one thing – if you experience any pain, intense or weak, pulling, aching, frequent or periodic, in any case, you should consult a doctor.


As originally running a disease that is associated with the coccygeal region of the spine, you may soon be able to move at all, and your every action will be given to the acute and unbearable pain in this area.