Lower back pain on the right (at the back): why back pain causes in men

Back pain, especially in the belt area is widespread. They affected virtually all segments of the population, regardless of gender and age. Lower back pain right occurs suddenly, without apparent reason, and sometimes torture for a long time. This phenomenon is familiar to absolutely healthy people, but more often it is characteristic of those who are present in the body serious diseases.

back pain right

Risk factors

Lower back pain right side is caused by disorders in the spine and pathological processes that occur in the internal organs, often associated with this area of the body. Back pain in the lumbar region caused by problems with the liver, gastrointestinal tract, etc.

If the syndrome is caused by pathological changes in internal organs, it manifests itself in conjunction with symptoms, able to point to a certain disease. Thus, the inflammatory process is accompanied by increased body temperature, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys lead to nausea and vomiting.

Most often it hurts the right side of the waist with the reasons for such problems:

  • Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. In this case, pain is manifest when a person coughs, sneezes, laughs, makes a sudden movement or is in an awkward body position.
  • The pinched nerve. It is characterized by acute lower back pain which travels to the legs and blocking the mobility of the back.
  • Spondylosis. Provokes sudden pain in right side of lower back when a person leans forward and lies on his left side and with long-term immobility of the body.
  • Lumbar spondylosis. Has a strong pain in the lumbar region, which are at lying on his left side and relieved when tilted forward.
  • Bone and soft tissues of the spine, caused by purulent-necrotic process that affects the bone and soft tissue, causing pain in the lumbar region.
  • Tumors of the lumbar area of the spine.

For reasons that right side that hurts and lower back, include appendicitis and right-sided pneumonia, inflammation of the gallbladder, kidney disease. Pathology data is dangerous not only for health but also for life.

Causes of lower back pain are rooted in a variety of back injuries caused by falls, injuries, bumps. Usually the symptom is observed directly after these events, accompanied by sharp pain, which gradually subsides.


Each pain in right side of lower back inherent characteristic signs that may indicate the cause of the syndrome:

  • Sharp. Accompanied by blows, falls, sharp body movement and high loads. It can cause hypothermia. Even if the syndrome wore short duration, it is desirable to conduct a survey in a health facility.
  • Temporary. Characteristic physical stress or long-term presence of the body in one position. Abate on their own or removed with anesthetics.
  • Long. Indicates the presence in the body of serious pathology and requires urgent treatment to the doctor.
  • Aching. Is one of the concomitant symptoms of diseases that requires careful diagnosis. Pain often accompany the degenerative processes in the lumbar region of the spine and inform you of osteochondrosis, etc.
  • Which pulls. Is it possible for hepatitis and hepatomegaly. Given the danger of these diseases, immediate examination becomes very necessary.
the cause of the pain

Differences in localization

Back pain on the right differ not only in character and duration. An important indicator of the disease is its localization.

Above the waist

If the pain manifests itself to the right and above the waist, it is not excluded pathology in the abdominal organs. Diagnosis undergo the digestive tract, excretory and reproductive systems.

From below the waist

Lower back pain right at the back – the consequence of injury and inflammation. It can also indicate appendicitis. If gives in the buttocks and right leg, it shows that the affected nerve roots located in the lumbar. The symptom that appears right below the waist due to the overvoltage caused by physical activity.

The dependence on age

Pain in the right lumbar does not shy away from any age group.

In children

If your child has back pain in the lumbar region on the right, it should be mandatory to show the doctor. The syndrome can be caused by several factors:

  • Overexertion and fatigue. Constantly on the move, children are often subjected to drops, injuries. High activity leads to fatigue of the spine. Heavy school backpacks and briefcases, carry from day to day, are addictive and contribute to the formation of incorrect posture, resulting in pain in the right side of the lumbar region of the back. The same factor may occur due to the constant sitting at the computer and using too soft beds.
  • Food. Insufficient and poor diet does not provide the normal formation of the skeleton, leading to osteoporosis.
  • Inflammation. The syndrome manifests itself when the inflammatory process has undergone a spine. Thus gradually the pain begin to surrender in the lower limbs, is a change of posture.
  • Intestinal diseases. Pain in right side back side accompanied by impaired appetite and digestion, with a chair.
  • Inflammation of the kidneys and bladder. The syndrome can manifest itself on either side of the waist. At the same time there painful urination, change in color of urine and fever.

Lower back pain right side is often seen in adolescent girls before and during menstruation, and in children who get sick with flu.

In adulthood

Lumbar pain on the right have the elderly be the result of age-related changes that affect the spine. Syndrome is often caused by osteoporosis. It can also cause diabetes, gout and metabolic disorders.

Based on sex

Although lumbar pain on the right side affects all people, their causes often depend on the gender.


When lower back pain right men are not justified by the violations in the spinal Department, in the presence of a lesion of the internal organs. Syndrome in the acute form informs about the presence of pathologies affecting the prostate gland. The same symptom manifests itself in the formation of benign hyperplasia, and inflammation of the prostate. Give pain in the lower limbs, accompanied by discomfort in the groin area, palpitations and shortness of urination.

Aching, drawing pain in the lower back to the right in males is a consequence of pathological processes, which affect the simplicity, ureters, and testes. The syndrome is observed in such cases:

  • inflammation;
  • edema;
  • urethritis;
  • cancers;
  • varicose veins in the testicles.

This not only hurts the right side and radiates to the lower back. Possible violations of urination and defecation, as well as a marked deterioration in sexual function. All these symptoms are cause for immediate referral to a specialist.

pain in children


Pain in the sides of females also has its own characteristics. When a woman has a sore lower back right rear, it is possible that her reproductive system was subjected to the inflammatory process. In addition, it happens that pain in right side of waist in women appear in the patients with ovarian, cyst or organs located in the pelvis.

The factors, if a woman back pain closer to the lower back often becomes excess weight. Spine fat ladies constantly subjected to excessive load, is deformed and becomes a cause of this syndrome.

Universal prescription to eliminate lower back pain on the right does not exist. The treatment regimen determined by the treating physician individually depending on the diagnosed disease, which has caused negative feelings.

Completely avoid lower back pain is quite difficult, however, to reduce the risk of this phenomenon is still possible. For this it is necessary to optimally load the spine, to eliminate a sedentary lifestyle and weight gain, lead a healthy lifestyle and regular visits to your doctor.